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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Sunlight OmniSense 8000S Mobile Sonometer Bone Densitometry System, 902402 is a high-end mobile bone assessment device by Sunlight Medical and manufactured by Wallach. It is intended to aid in managing osteoporosis.

This system weighs in at 14.3 lbs, making it transportable. Sunlight has said that the device may be assembled in under two minutes.

The Measurement Precision Time is approximately one minute per measurement site at .4 percent to .8 percent precision, depending on site. The Sunlight OmniSense 8000S Mobile Sonometer Bone Densitometry System, 902402 is the first osteoporosis device to offer precise and accurate measurement at multiple skeletal sites. This offers a wider scope of diagnostic ability by allowing a Physician to observe small bone changes in a short period of time.

The measurement report includes the patient's information and measurement history, a colored-graph for easy reading purposes and scheduling features. The report also comes with World Health Organization (WHO) Compliant T-Score results and a space for comments and recommendations which is presented on a Windows-based user interface.

The measurement is provided by Omnisense, a technology that has been patented for osteoporosis diagnosis and monitoring and is the first on this industry's market. On the inside, Omnipath, Sunlight's Omnisense uses Axial Transmission Technology to measure the speed of waves circling the bone. This speed of sound (SOS) technology separates itself from the patient's independent qualities such as height or weight while eliminating soft tissue effects.

The Exclusive Reference Database (ERD) has a unique reference curve for the recommended sites. Information was put into a database in various geographical regions. The ERD currently supports reference by Caucasian males and females, North American males and females, Latin American females and Asian males and females. Omnisense data was collected for each reference curve and peak SOS for each site.

This technology is intended to measure the distal radius, phalanx, metatarsal and tibia. This device is said to be non-invasive with its ultrasound technology and is radiation-free. The package includes an osteoporosis diagnostic kit with several extras such as a skin marker, ultrasonic gel, a hand rest, a printer, and a one-year warranty.

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