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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Researchers looking for a powerful solution to their sterilization needs have a new option in the Benchmark Scientific BioClave 16 Autocalve w/16 Liter Capacity. This machine is designed to save space in laboratories, cutting down on bench top clutter. When space saving is a prime objective, professionals can also consider the mini version of this product.

Automatic Performance

Automatic sterilization of consumable products and tools can be performed at the push of a button. In each run, the machine progresses through four stages of sterilization: Fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry. The manufacturer also offers a thermal printer intended for users who want to further optimize efficiency.

Plenty of Space in a Small Package

The B4000-16 offers generously sized chambers considering its compact outside dimensions. Whether users need to sterilize media, glassware, liquids or plasticware, they can fit more items in for each run and move on to other parts of the project at hand. High pressure develops inside the chamber, but the manufacturer has accounted for this by adding safety locking mechanisms, both electrical and mechanical, that keep the door shut tight until the PSI goes back down to zero.

Options and Parameters

Although sterilization time stays the same across settings, the autoclave can be set to temperatures between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius. However, users do not necessarily have to deal with these details because the autoclave arrives pre-programmed.

Three different cycle options can be set for each of the most common types of items sterilized in the lab environment: Wrapped instruments, unwrapped instruments or plasticware and liquids. Users can also select the "Dry Only" option when items require extra drying time. For unique sterilization requirements, users can manually adjust any of the settings on the machine.

With its considerable chamber size and other features, the Benchmark Scientific BioClave 16 Autocalve w/16 Liter Capacity is surprisingly small at less than 18 inches wide. The number of options is amazing, giving researchers the flexibility they need to sterilize anything on demand.

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