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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

German professional diagnostics manufacturer Riester produces the Riester Integrated Modular Diagnostic Station System under its ri-former brand. True to its name, this device is designed as a diagnostic station, suitable for use at any of a variety of healthcare workplaces—from hospitals and community care centers to physicians’ offices and home care facilities.

A wall-mounted device, the Riester Station System allows you to extend to the right and the left. The basic version comes with one handle; however, you can supplement it with up to four additional handle modules. With its centralized electrical power supply rated at 3.5V/120V, the station gets rid of the need for batteries or rechargeable ones.

The Riester Integrated Modular Diagnostic Station System comes with a healthy array of features to enhance its use in hospitals and medical facilities. The unit comes with a non-slip, ergonomically designed handles which you can adjust for brightness; you also have the choice of going for the on-or-off manual switch. The diagnostic system comes with anti-theft protection, thus ensuring that all your instruments stay where you keep them. And the unit is ideally designed for easy cleaning and disinfection of the instruments.

Riester offers three module configurations to choose from. The best-selling one is the 3653-300.300.1L, which, in addition to its dual handles, comes with an otoscope (instrument for examining the ears) and ophthalmoscope (instrument for examining the eyes)—each with a 3.5V XL light and “L1” designation. The 3653-300.300.3L module configuration, switches the light on the otoscope with a 3.5V LED and includes universal speculas. Morever, both otoscope and ophthalmoscope are designated as “L2.” With the top-tier 3653-300.300.5L—which bears the “L3” designation—the otoscope has an additional eject button with the paired Riester-brand speculas.

Backed with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Riester Diagnostic Station System is packaged with the plate, plugs, screws, and assembly plan necessary for wall mounting the unit. As of December 2013, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $698.09. However, that price can climb with the addition of certain features. Examples include a blood pressure monitor ($93.68) and thermometer module ($97.28). You can also get a pack of disposable thermometer probe covers ($28 for a hundred for them, $55 for a thousand) or a specular dispenser module ($33.63). Be sure to check the online specials!

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Professional medical instrument manufacturer Riester has been making diagnostic devices for the human medical community since 1948. The company has created a diagnostic tool for examination of the eyes, ears, nose, and oral cavity of veterinary patients called the Riester Vet de Luxe I Veterinary Diagnostic Set w/3.5V XL Illumination with Rechargeable Battery For Larger Animals. This diagnostic set is specially designed for more sizable veterinary patients such as large dogs but could also be used with certain wildlife or zoo patients as well as some smaller farm animals.

The Riester Vet de Luxe diagnostic set comes with a single tube handle and several attachments that facilitate examination of the patient's eyes, ears, nose, and oral cavity. Five different sizes of metal specula can be interchanged and fitted to the otoscope attachment for ear examinations based on the size of the patient. Three of the scapula are solid and two are slotted, allowing for a more customized examination. The lengths and widths of the scapula are tailored to the wider and deeper ear canals that animals often have, maxing out at 92mm in length and 9.4mm in width for the largest speculum. The smallest speculum is 53mm long and 5mm wide which could accommodate the ear canals of some smaller dogs and possibly cats. This diagnostic set is unique in that it comes with a nasal speculum and tongue depressor holder, two attributes not commonly found in typical veterinary ophthalmoscope/otoscope combination diagnostic tool sets.

The Riester Vet de Luxe I Veterinary Diagnostic Set w/3.5V XL Illumination with Rechargeable Battery For Larger Animals contains a rechargeable ri-accu battery in the handle that charges by plugging the handle directly into the wall. The entire set is conveniently contained in a single, heavy-duty plastic case. The set comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty. Reister hit the mark...a quality must have veterinary set at a great price. 

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Friday, December 20, 2013

The great American sculptor, Hiram Powers once said, “The eye is the window of the soul”. In order for gateway to be seen, the eye must be well cleaned and protected. People have been doing just that throughout the centuries. Inventors created glasses for the improvement of people whose vision have deteriorated, to sunglasses to protect them from the sun’s piercing rays.

Now, in the present day, people wear reading eye glasses and also the very popular eye contacts. Eye contacts have come a long way. They have become more modernized since the day of its creation some hundred years prior to today. They now come in different functions, materials, and colors. With every positive comes forth a negative. One is the upkeep of these lenses.

Millions of Americans who wear contact lenses may understand how frustrating it is to clean and sanitize them. Some of the generic solution brands that are on the market tend to be the opposite. They scratch the eye lenses and hardly perform a thorough cleaning like they promise. Some of the products are too rough on the contact lens which in turn will be rough on the eyes causing, in some instances, the cornea to be scratched.

Thankfully there is a product that is beating all the others. Sharpertek Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner for Soft and Hard Lenses is a product that is like no other. For one, it is a hands free product, so there is no longer a need to get one’s hand messy and covered in solution. Also, Sharpertek Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner for Soft and Hard Lenses protects the consumer from any risk of infection which is a big plus. It just continues to get better when there is no overnight soaking involved which can be very tedious and time consuming. This product gives the buyer a comfortable ease and ability to proceed throughout their day with no worries. This product is a must have for any contact lens wearer.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Riester Ri Derma Dermascope w/3.5V LED Illumination with C Battery Handle allows physicians to diagnose and treat skin cancer during the earliest stages, through dermatoscopic screening and early detection of malignant melanoma, a deadly form of cancer. Because epiluminescence microscopy helps doctors distinguish between melanocytic and non-melanocytic structures, this device allows for exact observation of skin pigmentation changes. Resembling natural daylight, 3.5-V LED illumination allows for better viewing of the exam field.

Features include 10-fold magnification with focusing achromatic lens and availability of contact plates that are skin-friendly with the ability to be sterilized. Product enables scale from 0 – 10 mm for exact measurements of lesions. Bulbs can easily be replaced on instrument head, with a durable dust proof casing featuring black metal that is plated in chrome. With eyeglass protection, practical chargers, and bayonet fitting, user can securely attach the head to the stable handle. A variety of power sources offers added convenience, all with the ability to combine with the full line of Riester ri-scope. This product is made in Germany and comes with a two-year warranty.

Users receive a package complete with two sterilize-safe contact plates, both with and without scaling, a hard case for storage, a Type C battery handle taking two lithium batteries, and a LED 3,5 V Dermascope Head. The Riester Ri Derma Dermascope w/3.5V LED Illumination with Battery Handle is available via dropship from the manufacturer.

With the rise in skin cancer rates each year, it's especially important to catch signs and symptoms very early on to achieve the highest cure rates possible. This product can assist physicians in screening patients for changes in skin pigmentation to catch malignant melanoma, the deadliest of all skin cancers, early on. With illumination capabilities similar to daylight, doctors can better see the field in which they are working. This tool is designed for dermatologists, surgeons and physicians. If you have the need for such an instrument, you should see the difference!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Branson M1800 0.5 Gal. Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner w/60 Minute Mechanical Timer, model number CPX-952-116R, provides precision ultrasonic bath technology with an affordable price tag. Consumers from a wide range of professions and interests can enjoy the benefits of this reliable and user-friendly small component cleaner with applications in medical and dental, optics, jewelry, electronics, and light industry fields. As with other Branson cleaners, the M1800 is also a versatile utility for laboratory work that users can employ in sample preparation, cell separation and liquid degassing.

The M1800 acts as a replacement for Branson's 1510 model and it carries the distinction of being the most compact model in Branson's tabletop cleaner line. Its half-gallon, 6-by-5.5-by-4-inch tank is made of stainless steel and suited well to cleaning smaller components. Trays, baskets, beaker covers and other accessories to help with specialized jobs are sold separately. A pour drain is built into the half-gallon model for maximum convenience in the removal of runoff. Its sturdy transducers emit at 40Khz to loosen up foreign matter, and it uses sweep frequency technology to allow cavitation to continue smoothly by eliminating standing waves that can lead to inconsistent cleaning and even damage to parts made from softer metals.

Controls for the M1800 are fully analog, with a tower-mounted timer elevated above and behind the tank along with the power switch to protect them from damaging contact with cleaning solutions. The dial can be turned clockwise to manually clean for up to 60 minutes or it can be turned counterclockwise to begin a continuous cleaning cycle for longer jobs. All of these components and features are housed within a durable plastic frame built for high resistance to chemicals.

Products from Branson have a record of reliability, resilience and overall quality, and the Branson M1800 0.5 Gal. Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner w/60 Minute Mechanical Timer upholds that reputation while accommodating a lighter budget.

Reliabilty, durability, and cost effective...that's difficult to beat!

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

A diagnostic set is perhaps one of the most important sets of equipment that a veterinarian will ever own. It is the go-to equipment set, and is used for almost every single animal that ends up on the examination table. Because of the major importance of a diagnostic set, it imperative to do the research and understand what makes these tools good ones. Among the top choices for diagnostic sets is the Riester Vet de Luxe I Veterinary Diagnostic Set w/3.5 V XL Illumination.

The highlights of this diagnostic set are the extra large 3.5 volt and 120 volt xenon lamps, plug in handle with rheostat, ri-scope otoscope, ophthalmoscope, nasal speculum as well a slotted metal speculum. Most veterinarians will find that these are standard in a diagnostic set, but the double lamps with multiple volts offer more flexibility and power than most diagnostic sets. On top of that, (and perhaps the most promising aspect of this set) is that it contains a rechargeable battery for multiple or larger animals. There is nothing more detrimental than losing power while you are diagnosing or treating an animal.

A good veterinarian knows quality equipment when they see it, and each tool bundled in this set is durable, and vital to a successful diagnosis. Made to top German standards and manufactured by the renowned Riester cooperation, these tools are long-lasting and precise. Riester considered the versatility needed when they created this kit. The heads are interchangeable which means that time is saved rather than wasted when changing from tool to tool. As most veterinarians know, time is precious when it comes to diagnosing and treating animals.

The Riester Vet de Luxe I Veterinary Diagnostic Set w/3.5 V XL Illumination is geared towards large animals and comes in a hard case which latches shut to ensure safe transport. The inside case also contains reservoirs where each piece of equipment can be safely stored and accurately selected with minimal searching.

Veterinary professionals everywhere are choosing  Riester...see why!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

For babies, infants, and children who need blood pressure monitoring, accuracy and comfort are at a premium. The accuracy is obvious, but a sphygmomanometer that is uncomfortable on a child's arm may produce unreliable readings if the child is squirming or otherwise manipulating the cuff. When only the best will do, consider the Riester Babyphon Aneroid Sphygmomanometer w/3 Pediatric Cuffs.

This sphygmomanometer features hardened inner workings that make the manometer mechanism durable and accurate. The valve portion of the sphygmomanometer is highly sensitive, allowing for the most minimal amount of air to pass through. This provides the ability to get extremely precise readings, which are crucial when collecting blood pressure readings from the very young.

In addition to the top-grade inner workings of the Babyphon, the three pediatric cuffs ensure that the readings are always exact. A cuff that is too large or too small can produce inaccurate readings. Having three different sizes that range from newborn size to young child allows trustworthy readings at every stage of childhood.

In many cases, small children are unable to describe symptoms that are being experienced, so it is vital to have a source of medical information that is not reliant upon the ability of the patient to report. Potentially life-threatening conditions such as heart or kidney failure are not always easy to spot in children. The Babyphon will let pediatricians and parents alike rest easy in the knowledge that the blood pressure readings are dependable.

There's no reason to worry about blood pressure readings in children with the Riester Babyphon Aneroid Sphygmomanometer w/3 Pediatric Cuffs available. It is an essential piece of equipment for any pediatric office or the parent whose child needs frequent blood pressure monitoring. Don't risk inaccurate readings with a cheap sphygmomanometer. Choose the Riester Babyphon for a true hospital-quality instrument.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

The storage of tissue samples requires the use of a top-quality freezer unit. Many of the carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen freezers in use today are outdated because they do not offer a rapid-freeze chamber. The Scilogex Bright Clini-RF Rapid Specimen Freezer is a smaller-sized unit that boasts incredibly fast temperature drop, offers a greater measure of safety, and comes with two separate freezing chambers.

Lightweight, Sturdy, And Dependable
The Bright Clini-RF has two compressors, the largest measuring just 1 X 15cc in total size. The cabinet is approximately 40 inches in height, 18 inches in width, and 20 inches in depth. The freezer dimensions are 10.8 X 5.4 inches, and the larger freeze chamber measures 10.8 inches in diameter.

The lower chamber can be filled with 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid HFE-7100 coolant, the most environmentally friendly compound in use today. The upper chamber has an ambient cooling system that holds steady at -40°C, and the rapid-freeze lower chamber can be chilled to -80°C. Typical tissue cooling rate is approximately 0.5°C/second.

Perfect For Snap-Freezing of Tissue Samples
The most common concern for medical doctors taking a biopsy or other tissue sample is the degradation of organic matter during the initial freezing phase. The Bright Clini-RF unit's lower chamber is perfect for these rapid-freeze procedures. An aluminum block can be inserted and then a specimen holder can be attached.

The unit can be fitted with a 7-day timing system that adjusts to increase or decrease temperature. A standby mode can be selected when the unit is not in use, and the timer can be programmed to begin the rapid cooling process at the start of the work day. The actual cooling time from ambient temperature to lowest holding temperature in the upper chamber is 60 minutes.

The Scilogex Bright Clini-RF Rapid Specimen Freezer comes with embedding compound, aluminum heat-sink block, block removal tool, object holder, and spare fuses. It is one of the quietest operating freezer units available and is a true energy saver. The model can be ordered with an alternate interior configuration that includes a rapid-freeze evaporator coil built into a cooling block in the lower chamber.
Rest assured, this is a superior product.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Surgeons need a dependable high-intensity light source when performing delicate medical procedures. When in the field or during emergency surgical operations, a powerful headlamp that works on battery power is an invaluable tool. Cool-View has developed one of the most advanced LED surgical headlights in the industry. The Cool View 1400XL LED Surgical Headlight w/Battery Pack delivers a powerful light beam that is equivalent to sunlight, and it operates on a rechargeable battery that fits comfortably on the surgeon's work belt.

An Advanced Design
The 1400XL was designed to eliminate the need for a plug-in headlight. This model uses a rapid-charge battery and a virtually unbreakable bulb head. The LED bulbs have a remarkable 50,000-hour life expectancy and deliver light at 6,500 optical color temperatures. The entire headset assembly weights less than four ounces.

Unlike xenon headlamps, the 1400XL model produces no heat, making for a more comfortable and safe experience for the patient. Other models produce enough low-level radiation to cause moderate tissue degradation. Cool-View has solved this problem by producing a model with a 140,000 LUX output at 14 inches without heat radiation from the lamp. The total weight of the unit including battery and cables is less than 12 ounces.

Perfect for Use in the Field
Many of the surgical headlight models currently in use require an AC adapter and wall outlet plug-in. This is often not an alternative when working in an outdoor triage setting or in a mobile emergency response health unit. Cool-View understands the need for lightweight, battery-powered surgical lighting that produces a powerful beam without the requirement of a plug-in cord.

Military doctors are thrilled at the capabilities of the Cool View 1400XL LED Surgical Headlight w/Battery Pack. There is no bulb maintenance or fiber optic cable replacement needed with this model. Hospitals also benefit from the use of LED models because of the energy cost savings. The initial cost of Cool-View surgical headlights is more than offset by the resulting lower electrical bills.

This model comes with a full 5-year manufacturer's warranty and is guaranteed against damage from high impacts. Any required maintenance that comes under warranty protection can be initialized overnight because the manufacturer offers immediate shipping service for repairs.

The Cool View 1400XL is ahead of the rest, as you can see.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Since 1932, The Drucker Company has had a tradition of producing quality, high-performance centrifuges. The company’s dedication to exceptional engineering, outstanding craftsmanship and hard work has resulted in state-of-the-art centrifuge designs.

The Drucker Horizon 6x5-15ml 1000-3900 RPM Variable Speed Angled Rotor Centrifuge continues in this tradition. The 642VES-Fixed Angle is a versatile centrifuge which can be used in hospitals, blood banks and physicians’ offices for a wide variety of tests from blood separation to fertility and urine testing. Its small foot print 11 inches X 12.5 inches, takes up less than one square foot of counter space and makes it perfect for a doctor’s office or a small laboratory.

The 642VES has the capacity to hold six test tubes up to 17mm x 100mm on the horizontal setting. At the fixed angle setting, it can handle six test tubes up to 17mm x 125mm. There is an optional tube holder which can take test tubes up to 125mm.

The digital display has a scrollable time selection up to 99 minutes. It shows both the time set and the time remaining. An audible indicator sounds when the rotor has stopped.

The brushless AC motor on the 642VES makes for a quiet and smooth-running operation. There is a unique stability mount that practically eliminates vibrations, even when the load is out of balance. The specially designed rotation chamber and motor housing maintain a cool operation, even under heavy workloads.

Loading the test tubes is easy with the 642VES. It has a unique rotor design that allows the insertion of the test tubes at a convenient 45 degree angle. The test tubes then gently rotate to a full horizontal position as the motor accelerates.

An automatic lid lock prevents the centrifuge from running when the lid is open. A solid mechanical latch prevents debris from escaping in the case of an accident or breakage. The clear lid allows secure observation of the sample during operation.

The Drucker Centrifuge is an outstanding addition to any medical facility with such a need.

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