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Thursday, February 28, 2013
Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, Ohaus has been ruling the market for over 100 years. Ohaus scales have been brand choice of customers who want quality, full-featured scales and balances at affordable rates. Why choose Ohaus scales? As the OHAUS Harvard Trip Balance has set the standard with regards to weighing industry, the brand and the products have not stopped looking back. They have been consistently preferred by the customers for their reliability and durability. The company houses some of the best minds of the industry who are responsible for the design of the scales. They do not only possess the talent, but vast and deep experience of the design of the scales. It does not just stop at design as to make the scales popular and reliable for customers, it also has strong development and marketing departments. It has taken hard efforts for the company in almost all the departments to make the scales and balances popular and trusted in almost all the industries. Those include laboratory, industrial, education, retail, food, jewelry and specialty markets. Various Standards Following are some of the standards that we maintain while providing products to our customers:
  • OHAUS Corporation first attained ISO 9001 registration in 1994
  • Currently registered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard by accredited registrar Bureau Veritas Certification North America
Apart from all these national regulatory compliances, the company designs and tests its products to adapt to various international regulations for electromagnetic compatibility, product safety and/or legal metrology. In order to ensure the compliance, the company makes sure that test results are executed by an accredited testing agency and that the product gets corresponding marking. Various Ohaus scales You name it, and you get it. Yes, Ohaus has become one-stop shop for almost all types of weighing instruments. Having the broadest portfolio of weighing instruments, the products are loved for their durability and long-term reliability. User friendly products can be used for nearly any application without exhaustive training or installation. Following are some of the major products:
Focus and Consistency One of the secrets of our huge success of this company is its focus and consistent efforts to improve. The efforts to improve constantly encompass all the aspects of business including product design, supply chain management and manufacturing processes, to end-user delivery and post delivery services. The very quality policy demands the products and employees either to meet or exceed consumer expectations. With this, there is little doubt over the company’s intentions and its relentless pursuit to expand its global presence with new products, new solutions and new associations across the globe.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013
LW Scientific Zipocrit is a capillary tube centrifuge that can spin 4 x 75mm tubes at a maximum speed of 11000 rpm. The Zipocrit is extremely convenient blood separation centrifuge with its small footprint and allows centrifugation while on the go with its optional car charger. The LW Scientific ZIPocrit comes with 200 mylar capillary tubes and a blood reading chart. It's one of our best seller product especially for veterinary clinics. LW Scientific ZIPOCRIT is ON SALE

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