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Friday, January 24, 2014

Historically, hot plates were powered by electricity or steam. A hot plate is typically used in a confined space as replacement option for an oven range or cooktop stove. In the world of chemistry, hot plates have become popular as heating agents because of their small size and efficiency. Generally speaking, hot plates are used to transfer heat in places, or under circumstances, where using a larger heating appliance would not be practical, or possible.

In the last couple of years, hot plate manufacturers have experimented with magnetic technology in the making of their hot plates. One of the leading companies in the chemistry hotplate world, IKA, recently released the IKA IKAMAG RCT Basic Aluminum Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer, which features magnetic heating technology.

This magnetic hotplate stirrer was designed to help synthesize mixtures up to 180 degrees Celsius. This is helpful for a wide range of laboratory substances, including: pharmaceuticals, dyes, plastics, perfumes and colognes, curd soaps, various natural materials, catalysts, different types of plastics, and pesticides, like cyclopentadiene.

Additionally, the device is useful for the synthesis of benzoic acid, evaporating solid materials, crystallizing procedures, and distillations. For more specialized tasks, the IKA Magnetic Hotplate stirrer is also great for synthesizing biodiesel products and generating Grignard reactions.

Synthesis Package 2

IKA’s patented Synthesis Package 2 allows for the optimization of heat transfer up to 180 degrees Celsius. Just like more conventional hot plates, the magnetic construction of the IKA enables the scientist to transfer the heat directly onto the laboratory flask.

Another benefit of magnetic hotplates is that they mix materials uniformly. The IKA accomplishes this by not allowing interference near the magnetic plate because of the aluminum blocks that the company used to construct the hotplate. IKA also coated the IKAMAG in PTFE, which prevents burning, and, as a consequence, creates a safer device that works well as a training tool for inexperienced chemists.


The IKA IKAMAG RCT Basic Aluminum Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer has a product number of 8039701. IKA sells different sizes of reaction blocks. These different-sized blocks are needed for conducting different types of chemistry. IKA has hit its mark. This, like the rest of their product line, is quality waiting to be discovered.

by: getMedOnline


Blogger Arpitkakkar said...

Thanks! The temperature of magnetic stirrer hot plate device is adjustable up to 250°C and reaches its maximum temperature within a second. The hot plate stirrer can boil 500 ml water in 20 minutes at low stirring speed. The magnetic stirrer that is fitted in this device is adjustable from 0 to 1400 rpm and its stirrer is capable of containing up to 500 ml liquid volume.

November 13, 2017 at 12:28 AM  

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