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Friday, February 28, 2014

From industrial technology manufacturer Emerson Electric Co. comes the Branson M3800H 1.5 Gal. Heated Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner w/60 Minute Mechanical Timer, CPX-952-317R. Part of the MH Series, the mechanical timer of the CPX-952-317R comes with heating capacity. Bransonic M and MH Series cleaners are already famed for a high level of precision and reliability. And this ultrasonic cleaner is no different.

The cleaning device is made of a plastic body resistant to the damaging effect of chemicals. Located above and behind the cleaning tank are controls encased in a tower panel for easy access and protection from the splash of cleaning solutions below. The tank on the device comes with valves for drainage, and sweep frequency gets rid of standing waves and creates the formation of bubble-like gaps in the tank's liquid. The tank itself can hold 1.5 gallons, or 5.7 liters; it has a length of 11.5 inches, width of 6 inches and depth of 6 inches (290 by 150 by 150 millimeters). The Branson cleaner comes with rugged 40 kHz industrial transducers.

Not too big to carry from one place to another, the Branson M3800 1.5 Gal. Heated Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner w/60 Minute Mechanical Timer weighs a comparatively light 12 pounds, or 5.4 kilograms. Overall, the ultrasound cleaner measures 15.6 inches in length, 12.5 inches in width, and 14.8 inches in depth (397 by 317 by 377 millimeters). In addition to the box itself, the cleaner comes with a cover, a 120-230/240-volt power cord, the owner's manual, and a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

The M3800H occupies the middling tier of Branson's line of ultrasonic cleaners. It is separated from the M Series in that it has the additional heating capacity. Above the MH Series are the CPX series, with a 99-minute digital timer, power tracking, degassing, high/low power control, and sleep mode; and the CPXH Series, which has an additional programming capability.

Like all Branson products, the Branson M3800H is a dependable, high quality product. 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Are you shopping for a reliable and affordable table top ultrasonic cleaner for your shop, clinic, lab, etc? Picking the right and reputable brand with high quality is sometimes a challenge. There are so many brands and products in the market but when you are looking to make such an investment to your business, then you would need to go with something that you can count on. Branson has an experience in manufacturing the high quality, precise tabletop ultrasonic cleaners for more than 60 years. The new Bransonic benchtop ultrasonic cleaners are now more precise, more efficient and they have more functionality than any other ultrasonic cleaner in the market today. The new Branson ultrasonic cleaners have 20 different models in 5 different sizes and 4 different configurations. So let's start with the most economically priced, Branson M Series.

The Branson M series ultrasonic cleaners are available in 5 different sizes starting form 0.5 gallon up to 5.5 gallons. They are ergonomically designed, include a 60 minute mechanical timer with stainless steel chamber. 40Khz sweep frequency generates exceptional precision cleaning.

The Branson MH Series are one step higher than M Series because the MH Series are also equipped with heating function which creates even better and quicker cleaning results. The Branson MH Series also have the 60 minute mechanical timer.

The Branson CPX series are the digital version of Bransonics. Also starting from 0.5 gal to 5.5gal, the Branson CPX Series have the functions of digital control, programmability for cleaning, degassing, low/high output frequency setting for cleaning of sensitive instruments and sleep mode after cleaning cycle.

The Branson CPXH series are the most advanced ultrasonic baths available in today's market because they include all the features on the CPX Series combined with the heat control. The CPXH Series Branson Ultrasonic cleaners are available from 0.5 gal to 5.5 gal.

All Bransonic Ultrasonic Baths ship with the plastic cover. Models 3800 and higher have built-in drains for easy removal of the old fluid in the cleaning chamber. There are also mesh baskets, perforated and non-perforated trays. beaker covers and cleaning detergents available as optional acceesories. You can find all of these high quality products on our website at with the guaranteed lowest prices in the market

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Summit Non-display Handheld Fetal Doppler with Audio Recorder offers practitioners a convenient way to care for expectant women. The L150A operates on just 3 AA batteries, which makes it a cost-effective solution for portable use. With extended battery life, physicians and ultrasound technicians can rest assured knowing that the system will not stop working in the midst of examining a patient. This model comes with a full 2 year warranty, is highly durable and of the best quality for portable hand-held Doppler systems.

The superior sound quality of this hand-held Doppler is produced by a high fidelity speaker. This, along with the built-in recorder, allows practitioners to record and replay fetal sounds for diagnostic and other purposes.

At just 320 grams in weight, the Summit Non-display Handheld Fetal Doppler with Audio Recorder is easy to hold or can even be placed in a pocket. This system has dimensions of 140 x 70 x 35 mm.

The L150A comes with the practitioner's choice of probes. The probe choices include SD3 - 3 MHz Obstetrical Probe, SD2 - 2 MHz Obstetrical Probe, SDW - 2 MHz Waterproof Probe, SD8 - 8 MHz Vascular Probe, SD5 - 5 MHz Vascular Probe, SD4 - 4 MHz Vascular Probe or the STN - 8 MHz Sterilizable Probe with 7' straight cable. Obstetricians might want to select both obstetrical probes for the highest level of functionality and convenience.

The enhanced probe sensitivity decreases the amount of time that it takes a physician or technician to detect a fetal heartbeat or locate a blood vessel. The interchangeable capability of the probes makes this Doppler system easy to use in any type of medical setting. Users can replace the cables as needed for optimal functioning of the device.

Additional parts and accessories such as protective cases are also available for this Summit Doppler system.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Sunlight OmniSense 8000S Mobile Sonometer Bone Densitometry System, 902402 is a high-end mobile bone assessment device by Sunlight Medical and manufactured by Wallach. It is intended to aid in managing osteoporosis.

This system weighs in at 14.3 lbs, making it transportable. Sunlight has said that the device may be assembled in under two minutes.

The Measurement Precision Time is approximately one minute per measurement site at .4 percent to .8 percent precision, depending on site. The Sunlight OmniSense 8000S Mobile Sonometer Bone Densitometry System, 902402 is the first osteoporosis device to offer precise and accurate measurement at multiple skeletal sites. This offers a wider scope of diagnostic ability by allowing a Physician to observe small bone changes in a short period of time.

The measurement report includes the patient's information and measurement history, a colored-graph for easy reading purposes and scheduling features. The report also comes with World Health Organization (WHO) Compliant T-Score results and a space for comments and recommendations which is presented on a Windows-based user interface.

The measurement is provided by Omnisense, a technology that has been patented for osteoporosis diagnosis and monitoring and is the first on this industry's market. On the inside, Omnipath, Sunlight's Omnisense uses Axial Transmission Technology to measure the speed of waves circling the bone. This speed of sound (SOS) technology separates itself from the patient's independent qualities such as height or weight while eliminating soft tissue effects.

The Exclusive Reference Database (ERD) has a unique reference curve for the recommended sites. Information was put into a database in various geographical regions. The ERD currently supports reference by Caucasian males and females, North American males and females, Latin American females and Asian males and females. Omnisense data was collected for each reference curve and peak SOS for each site.

This technology is intended to measure the distal radius, phalanx, metatarsal and tibia. This device is said to be non-invasive with its ultrasound technology and is radiation-free. The package includes an osteoporosis diagnostic kit with several extras such as a skin marker, ultrasonic gel, a hand rest, a printer, and a one-year warranty.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

 It is with great care that we tend to choose our pets. We want the fit to be just right for our family. Once we have chosen this special animal to join our lives; we experience the heart break when they get sick. It is a good feeling to know the vet will be there to care for our dear pet.

The Bionet BM1Vet Portable Multi Parameter Veterinary Monitor is needed to ensure their health and safety when they are sick or expecting special deliveries from the stork. When seeking out a new vet to care for your special family member always ask if they have the convenience of the Bionet BM1Vet Portable Multi Parameter Veterinary Monitor.

This compact device is perfect for the office or home visits. The quick IV pole release ensures the ability to move quickly or change rooms. The touch wheel makes navigation of the BM1Vet simple. And, the ability to connect to the PC through a Windows program will aid the vet in keeping complete and accurate records for your pet's medical needs. The display is clear and bright. There is plenty of memory. Keeping track of the chosen settings without having to reenter them each time saves the vet hours of extra work. This will free up time to care for your special pet.

Each system has over 120 hours of trend data storing capabilities. Also, the battery will not fail with the 4 hours of battery life. Whether in the office or in the barn, the fetal monitoring will be accurate, and recorded, with the BM1Vet. Temperature and heart tones are also monitored and recorded by this compact tool. The doctor will have peace of mind with the 4 year warranty. This is a huge help in today's industry. Quality is a rare thing these days but your vet will have the best in this device. Your pet will be cared for, and you will be able to relax. It is worth it to see your furryfriend well and content.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In the modern laboratory or doctor's office, a centrifuge is a key piece of equipment. The centrifuge's ability to separate liquids into more basic components is important in the medical field. LW Scientific manufactures centrifuges under the Universal brand. They have begun to manufacture the new Model LWS-UNC-06SD-15T3, which offers a range of capabilities.

LW Scientific UNIVERSAL 3500 rpm Variable Speed (6 x 3-15ml) Horizontal Rotor Centrifuge, UNC-06SD-15T3 offers a range of speed to be able to process a variety of fluids. This model is marketed as being ideal for blood, urine or other fluid separation. Two different rotor options are offered. The centrifuge generates up to 1840g with the swing out rotor or 1350g with the fixed angle rotor.

LW Scientific UNIVERSAL 3500 rpm Variable Speed 6 x 3-15ml Horizontal Rotor Centrifuge can process multiple tubes of liquid at one time. It has up to six slots, which can hold anywhere from a 3ml to a 15 ml tubes of liquid.
A 12 volt brushless electric motor powers the centrifuge. The centrifuge comes with the ability to run on either a 110 volt or 220 volt wall outlet. The power adapter automatically switches to conform to either a 110 volt or 220 volt outlet. The motor generates between 800 to 3500 revolutions per minute.

The centrifuge has a digital control. This gives the UNC-06SD-15T3 the ability to remember up to four prior speeds that were run. The computer also gives an accurate measurement of speed to calculate g-force, so your liquid is separated properly. You may program in a time and speed to achieve the specific conditions necessary for your sample to separate.

Size was a consideration when designing the centrifuge. This model was meant to be desk top friendly and compact. It is 10.65 inches tall, 14.5 inches long and 14.5 inches wide. The instrument only weighs 11.6 lbs, so it can be portable if necessary.

It also comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. An additional benefit is that the safety lid locks, until the centrifuge completely stops spinning.
This new centrifuge model gives the user a wide range of versatility to complete jobs in the lab or medical office. Its design, performance and price make it a competitive option for a small medical office or large corporations looking for a new desktop centrifuge.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The trend in electrosurgical generators in recent years has been one of increasing miniaturization coupled with increased functionality. The halcyon days of large, lamp-lit buttons selecting only cut, coagulate, or blend modes are long gone. In their place are a number of devices that deliver consistent power across varied tissue types while featuring dazzlingly complete user interfaces. The ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 high frequency electrosurgical generator, 7-900-115 is an excellent example of these impressive next generation machines.

The general theory of operation for any electrosurgical generator is the generation of extremely high voltages which are then shaped into a series of special purpose waveforms. These waveforms, which combine multiple frequencies, are then applied to the cutting electrode. At the same time, a return circuit is created by means of a large pad containing an electrode which is placed below the surgical site. Tissue in between the two electrodes is vaporized while blood vessels in this tissue are instantly cauterized. This ability to perform surgeries with dramatically decreased risk of blood loss is one of the primary advantages to these devices.

As distinct from the large and heavy duty O.R. units, the Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 high frequency electrosurgical generator, 7-900-115 is a physically small but very powerful unit intended for use in an outpatient setting. It is feature rich and capable of operating in monopolar and bipolar modes, delivering power in each of up to 35 watts. As an added convenience, this generator features an optional scaleable power transformer that can be used to match it to any commonly available line voltage.

The Hyfrecator 2000, as mentioned previously, packs industry-leading power into an impressively small form factor. The unit weighs a mere 6 pounds, and is only slightly larger than a common infusion pump or patient monitor. This compact size is a result of the Conmed Hyfrecator's high frequency of operation, which allows for the use of significantly smaller transformers to generate operating voltages.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014
The Scilogex Bright OTF 5000 Cryostat is the newest system from
Scilogex, a Connecticut-based company that specializes in cyrostats,
cryogenic products, dry ice machines, and rapid freezers for
specialized specimen freezing.

Cryostats are used when tissue samples are needed for biological or
medical analysis. The device slices the tissue very finely, so that
it can be analyzed under a microscope. Additionally, this instrument
also acts as a stationary freezer that freezes a specimen between -20
and -30 degrees Celsius.

Although cryostats are generally considered a specialized type of
equipment, they are useful in a number of different circumstances.
Most importantly, the machines are capable of cutting a wide range of
bone specimens, from brain, plastics, organic plant matter, tissue,
resins, and soft tissue. Because of its versatility, Scilogex's sytem
is useful in both research and clinical operations.

Where the Scilogex Bright OTF 5000 sets itself apart, however, is that
it has an anti-roll plate mechanism that allows for excellent specimen
control and effortless temperature stability. The OTF5000 also
features improved ergonomics, and a new blade system that is
distinguished by its powerful 5040 microtome blades.

Other features found on the OTF 5000 are its easy-to-access quick
freezer, internal shelves, a motorized sectioning speed, automatic
defrost, a window demisting system, and disposable blades.

In total, the Bright OTF had a width of 35 inches, a depth of 35.4
inches, and a height of 51.2 inches, so it will fit on any lab table
or operating tray.

Different Versions

Depending on your needs, there are three different versions of the
Bright OTF available from Scilogex. The Basic Bright OTF, for
example, possesses a standard knife holder assembly, the anti-roll
mechanism, and a solid microtome knife with a 22 degree angle.

On the other hand, the LS version of the OTF5000 adds a 2-speed
Motorized Advanced Rewind, an automatic reset button, and the
Cryomatic Specimen Temperature Control to the aforementioned features
found on the Bright Basic OTF.

Like other Scilogex products, the Bright OTF comes with a one year

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Researchers looking for a powerful solution to their sterilization needs have a new option in the Benchmark Scientific BioClave 16 Autocalve w/16 Liter Capacity. This machine is designed to save space in laboratories, cutting down on bench top clutter. When space saving is a prime objective, professionals can also consider the mini version of this product.

Automatic Performance

Automatic sterilization of consumable products and tools can be performed at the push of a button. In each run, the machine progresses through four stages of sterilization: Fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry. The manufacturer also offers a thermal printer intended for users who want to further optimize efficiency.

Plenty of Space in a Small Package

The B4000-16 offers generously sized chambers considering its compact outside dimensions. Whether users need to sterilize media, glassware, liquids or plasticware, they can fit more items in for each run and move on to other parts of the project at hand. High pressure develops inside the chamber, but the manufacturer has accounted for this by adding safety locking mechanisms, both electrical and mechanical, that keep the door shut tight until the PSI goes back down to zero.

Options and Parameters

Although sterilization time stays the same across settings, the autoclave can be set to temperatures between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius. However, users do not necessarily have to deal with these details because the autoclave arrives pre-programmed.

Three different cycle options can be set for each of the most common types of items sterilized in the lab environment: Wrapped instruments, unwrapped instruments or plasticware and liquids. Users can also select the "Dry Only" option when items require extra drying time. For unique sterilization requirements, users can manually adjust any of the settings on the machine.

With its considerable chamber size and other features, the Benchmark Scientific BioClave 16 Autocalve w/16 Liter Capacity is surprisingly small at less than 18 inches wide. The number of options is amazing, giving researchers the flexibility they need to sterilize anything on demand.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

This highly accurate digital non-contact tachometer is ideal for detecting distances of between 50 and 500 mm as well as for measuring RPM for anything from centrifuges to fans to motors -- or any machinery component that requires this service. The Ample Scientific TACH-S 2.5-99 999rpm 18 mm LCD Display Battery Powered Tachometer TACH-S is designed to measure between 2.5 and 99,999 RPM, spot-on within plus or minus 0.05 percent, offering a highly sensitive measurement reading for your needs. Users will appreciate the 18mm LCD display which illustrates one to five digits, with the ability to recall the last minimum and maximum values. This product requires the use of three AA batteries, which are included.

In addition to the Ample Scientific TACH-S tachometer, customers also receive the required amount of batteries, strip stickers that reflect for safety, screws that can be used to take the battery cover on and off, as well as a carrying case made of cloth and a user manual. Backed by a one-year warranty, this product is designed to detect speed occurring on virtually any centrifuge featuring a view port or machinery requiring rotations per minute readings. It can detect RPMs with a convenient light beam for an easy target. Users will appreciate the accommodating LCD display that makes it simple to read and analyze data. Its comfortable, ergonomic shape gives users a comfortable grip that is reassuring during operations. Device will alert the user when the batteries need to be replaced. It boasts a one year warranty.
The product's time base is comprised of a 6MGh crystal oscillator with a sampling time of eight seconds over 60 rotations per minute. Related accessories this products can be used in conjunction with include Ample Scientific centrifuges, microscopes and laboratory equipment. With a shipping weight of just 12.8 ounces, this lightweight yet durable product can withstand moderate to rigorous conditions. Often used as quality check tool in the field, this product has versatile applications that make it an ideal addition to any lab or shop.

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