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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Next to buying a house or a car, fine jewelry is one of the largest investments that people take seriously. Jewelry is something that speaks to the personal style and taste of it's investor. Fine watches can cost $10,000 or more, especially if adorned with diamonds or are made of precious metals such as platinum. Many people who can afford to buy fine jewelry are also collectors of the same. Jewelry is an investment that rarely depreciates in value. So the question is; what type of maintenance does owning such a fine collection of jewelry entail?

There are several ways to clean fine jewelry. The method which is best, might depend on the type of jewelry that is being cleaned. There are commercial liquid products for home use, there are recipes for homemade jewelry cleaners, and there are professional jewelry cleaners. Using commercial liquid products and homemade recipes are good for fine jewelry owners who have a few pieces of jewelry that they wear quite regularly and clean them every so often.

Sometimes, a woman likes to look down at her hand and gaze upon the sparkle of a recently cleaned diamond. It will bring back memories of the first time she ever laid eyes on that sparkling diamond, and what was going on in the atmosphere when she received that particular piece of jewelry. That is the type of emotion that recently cleaned jewelry will evoke in a person. Jewelers know the importance of sparkling jewels. Like any smart business person, they'll do what they can to make that knowledge work for them. Many jewelers use a Sharpertek jewelry cleaner to make sure that the fine jewelry that they sell or service is impeccable in appearance. The portable steam jewelry cleaning machine uses no harsh chemicals and is safe for use in a clients home, as well as at the store. Because the cleaning machine stores heat, there is no pressure build up. It creates the steam by drawing water from a detachable container of distilled water, and then converting it for instant use on the jewelry. The jet steam is dispensed from the machine in a powerful stream of hot steam, it is able to remove dirt and grime from very tight spots.

The steam cleaning process is very simple. Use of the hand held basket allows multiple pieces of jewelry can be cleaned at one time. For an individual and detail cleaning of a certain piece of jewelry, tweezers can be used so that the positioning of the item can be specialized. Jewelers who use the Sharpertek jewelry cleaner love its ease of use. The steam disbursement is controlled by the jeweler with the use of a foot pedal. This safety feature helps to ensure that the Sharpertek Jewelry Cleaner has no accidental steam release from the machine. The portable unit is very compact and ergonomically designed. Anyone with fine jewelry would be proud to own a tool of this caliber.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Finding the right type of light to use when you are also trying to magnify your subject can be difficult. It hasn't been that long since magnifying lamps have even been around, so the technology can be tough to understand at times. There have been great advancements that allow for users to have the top of the line magnifying lamps in this day and age. Magnifying lamps have great uses and purposes in many different fields, but they are especially useful in the field of dermatology. These lamps allow you see exactly what you need to as a dermatologist. Misdiagnosing patients is a common thing that can happen in the field of dermatology, and you don't want to fall into this category where you will have those same problems.

Waldmann offers a series of magnifying lamps that can suit many of your needs. Whether you are looking for a handheld magnifying lamp to help you in your medical practice, or a desk mounted magnifying lamp for a jewelry store or repair shop, a Waldmann magnifying lamp is great for you. There are so many different applications for these lamps that many different businesses and professionals can find use for these top of the line magnifying lamps.

Waldmann magnifying lamps are some of the top lamps in the industry, allowing you to purchase one lamp that is going to last for many years to come. It is better to buy quality that will last you for years, rather than having to keep replacing your lamp or fixing it later on down the line. Waldmann lamps give you maximum magnification, and light up your subject better than any other magnifying lamps.

Waldmann offers ring lights that give you full coverage of your subject. They offer a full array of led or halogen lights that shine directly on your subject, giving you the lighting that you need. The magnification is great, giving you the ability to see exactly what you need to see. These magnifying lamps will give you the ability to feel confident that you will be able to see those intricate parts. The human eye can only see so much.  That's why you need a magnifying lamp. It is a great idea to get one of these for your business or hobby.

They can help those aging eyes too! There's nothing wrong with seeing what you're working on! Regardless of your use, these are one handy tool to have around, and they make great Christmas presents too!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Liquid nitrogen is an element that is used for treatment and cosmetic surgery (known as cryosurgery) for complications such as trichiasis, solar lentigo, molluscum contagiosum and many other problems which are major types of skin lesions. Compared with the traditional methodologies that involved the application with cotton dipped stick, the modern technique is more convenient. It is based on the implementation of the liquid nitrogen spray method. Hence when the medical authorities buy equipment to spray liquid nitrogen they look for the product details and specifications with the packaging date and other information on the label.

The liquid Nitrogen spray equipment enhances the storage of the liquid at -196 degrees Centigrade. This is not possible if liquid is applied with a swab that has a temperature of -20 degrees Centigrade. These products are sold only after several quality and safety checks have been performed. There are some factors that require attention while purchasing the equipment so that the patients do not suffer at any point of the ongoing surgery.

Features of the Product: Features can vary from one product to the other. Some sprayers have features like infrared sensors and a temperature tracker that can measure the temperature of the skin while spraying the liquid nitrogen. This kind of tracker can also calculate the point at which the requisite freezing temperature of the liquid is available. This is indicated by color coded lighting. The digital measurement display makes it easy to observe the readings. The equipment does not have to bear a famous tag or higher price range. But before selecting the brand always look for the user reviews to ensure selecting the right product that functions smoothly and efficiently.

Equipment Size: It is always necessary to understand and look for the size and weight needed for your prescribed treatment before deciding to buy equipment to spray liquid nitrogen. These nitrogen sprayers are available in different sizes so that doctors can pick smaller ones for hand spraying purposes.

Warranty and Replacement: The warranty and/or replacement of the liquid Nitrogen spraying equipment is important. Be absolutely sure that the company stands behind their product. There are several small parts and accessory attachments such as screws, relief valve and the spray tube that can also get damaged and may require servicing. Many companies offer convenient service locations. Often companies that sell tools and storage equipment for liquid oxygen also sell the necessary apparatus.

Always follow your doctors’ recommendations and remember the common goal…your health!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Bionet Fetal Monitors

Peace of mind during pregnancy is essential. Bionet Fetal Monitors are more than exceptional products. Though these are mostly used in health care offices private owners are buying them more and more often to check in on their little bundles and monitoring their well being from home.

Bionet Fetal Monitors come in two main designs. There are the FC700 and the TwinView FC1400. Bionet Fetal Monitors are dependable and high tech to ensure the results are the best. You can have peace of mind at home with the same dependable medical equipment used at the doctors office.

The FC700 is a great piece of technology combining high functionality with extreme user friendliness. It allows medical professionals or parents to be, to get a comprehensive assessment of the little one to come. These are used to monitor single fetuses. For multiple fetuses the TwinView is the best and most reliable option.

The single view, FC700, is equipped with a very distinctive display and digital LED light. Visibility is optimal. It also has a convenient carrying handle for easy on the go monitoring. There is an alarm function, and this device is highly sensitive. It detects fetal movement flawlessly and it also has an auto record option. It is easy to upgrade when upgrades are available.

Twin births are exceptionally high risk, and things can change in an instant. Having the stress alone from concern over your babies’ well being is enough to induce early labor. When you have monitoring abilities it can ease the mother to be, and in the long ruin it will enhance a healthier less stressful pregnancy. That alone is worth the cost of the product. These monitors will also reduce doctor’s visits, which can be detrimental to later pregnancies expecting multiple births.

The TwinView FC1400 is made to detect and monitor double fetuses. It monitors uterine activity and the babies in real time on a high tech and dependable color LCD monitor. It is an excellent device that monitors dual heartbeats individually and in real time.

This is a professional piece of machinery that can be privately purchased. You are able to print out up to 12 hours of stored data easily, and speaking of easy, the user friendliness of this product is exceptional.

You can count on accuracy and dependability from the TwinView. You also have the option of purchasing a carrying bag for ease of transport purposes. So, whether you are making house calls or just monitoring your baby until birth you can count on Bionet Monitors to offer you extremely accurate, real time data for added peace of mind and healthier baby's at birth.

Don't hesitate when it comes to the health of your child, your patients and the babies that will lead tomorrow’s world. Having a Bionet Fetal Monitor is the best way to know without a doubt that all is well.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013
Doctors in a variety of specializations may use Hyfrecation to treat various conditions. Hyfrecation has well established uses in dermatology, gynecology, ophthalmology and urology. But not all Hyfrecation units are created equal. Some stand out as clearly superior.

When choosing a Hyfrecation unit it is important to choose a brand you trust. Hyfrecation units have been produced under the Hyfrecator brand name since 1937. The Hyfrecator is the most chosen and most trusted brand among the myriad of offerings on the market today. In fact, it has been the number one choice of physicians for office procedures for almost 70 years.

The newest member of the Hyfrecator family, the ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator, promises to continue the tradition of Hyfrecator value and reliability.

The ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator is a sleek, modern looking unit with a simple user interface. It is wall mountable and unobtrusive or can be mounted on an optional mobile pedestal base for use in multiple rooms of an office.

The ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator has a host of innovative features including dual microprocessors and power setting controls integrated in the hand piece.

The dual microprocessors are employed for two separate purposes. The first microprocessor controls the functions and output levels of the Hyfrecator. The second unit is dedicated to assuring safe operation of the unit. It monitors key operational parameters and will shut the Hyfrecator down if a hazardous condition is detected.

Integrating the power controls into the handpiece was a particularly great stroke of genius. This innovation allows complete concentration on the procedure while permitting fine output power adjustments to be made on the fly. This means that procedures proceed quickly and smoothly, saving time and eliminating the frustration of broken concentration. Patients will also appreciate the way this simple control greatly reduces the amount of time required for procedures.

The Hyfrecator 2000 is a versatile unit. It supports operation in bipolar mode, monopolar mode without a dispersive plate and monopolar mode with a dispersive plate.

The Hyfrecator 2000 has an impressive list of available accessories including;

•    HYFRECATOR PENCIL SHEATHS: (Cat. No. 7-796-18)
•    STERILE HANDPIECE SHEATH (Cat. No. 7-796-19)
•    MOBILE PEDESTAL STAND (Cat. No. 7-796-1)
•    FOOTSWITCH: (Cat. No. 7-900-4)
•    DISPERSIVE PATIENT PLATE: (Cat. No. 7-900-7)
•    BIPOLAR FORCEPS: (Cat. No. 7-801-11)
•    HYFRECATOR® 2000 SERVICE MANUAL (Cat. No. 7-900-SM)

Any physician seeking to purchase a Hyfrecation unit for electrosurgical procedures should give serious consideration to the Hyfrecator 2000 by ConMed. The unit is a versatile, value-packed unit capable of meeting the demands of a modern medical practice.

Safety Note: As with all electrosurgical equipment, the Hyfrecator 2000 must not be operated in proximity to oxidizing gases, flammable anesthetics, flammable prep solutions, flammable fabrics, or in oxygen-enriched environments.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Ultrasonic cleaning technology has advanced tremendously since its introduction in the 1950’s. Now the cleaning standard in many industries, ultrasonic cleaning has gained wide acceptance in the jewelry industry. Today you will find it being used by most dentists and hospitals to clean tools and surgical instruments. Other industries where ultrasonic cleaning equipment is typically found, include watch-making and repair, firearms and it is extensively used for cleaning of rare coins and historical artifacts. Ultrasonic cleaning cleans in a gentle, yet powerful and effective way without damaging the item being cleaned.

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can range from small bench top units, to large custom-designed units for cleaning specific items, such as aircraft engine parts. The basic design of an ultrasonic cleaning unit consists of a tub or tank filled with water and or a cleaning agent. Some cleaning agents are water-soluble, while some are not and eliminate the use of water. All cleaning agents are specifically chosen for use with the items being cleaned, ensuring the best results. A transducer incorporated into the unit produces ultrasonic waves that pass through the fluid, actually ripping the fluid apart, while creating tiny or even microscopic vacuum bubbles. Called “cavitation”, this action is similar to the bubbles produced by a boat propeller as it spins in the water. These tiny bubbles scrub the parts or instruments being cleaned and remove contaminants, such as dirt, dust, grease, bacteria, and blood, to name a few.

Crest Powersonic Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners have several features that have separated them from the competition. Crest Ultrasonics uses patented enhanced ceramic transducers, delivering more cleaning power and better reliability, when compared to traditional transducers. Crest also uses system of overlapping sonic waves. They vary the frequency between 42 kHz and 45 kHz, eliminating any standing waves. Standing waves can create “hot-spots” and cut the cleaning efficiency of other ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Crest Powersonic Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners are available in eight sizes with inside tank dimensions ranging from 6” x 5.25” x 4” and 55 watts of average sonic power, to 19.5” x 11.75” x 8” and 300 watts of average sonic power. Standard features on all units include: adjustable thermostatically controlled heaters, a cover, all stainless steel enclosures, and a main on/off switch. Models are also available with either analog or digital timers. Included with the purchase of all units is a two-year warranty on parts and labor. With a winning combination of performance, quality and price, Crest Powersonic Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners are the clear choice for your ultrasonic cleaning needs.

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