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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Brymill Cry-AcTracker Liquid Nitrogen System w/Digital Temp.Sensor is manufactured by Brymill Cryogenic Systems, a leader in cryogenics products and services. The B-900 is special because it uses a digital temperature sensor to measure the temperature of skin when spraying nitrogen for cryogenics purposes. This nitrogen is delivered via Brymill’s patented Cry-Ac system.

The medical device also uses an infrared light sensor to more effectively track the freezing of the skin. The sensor works by using a colored–lights system to indicate how quickly skin temperature is decreasing, as well as when the desired freeze temperature has been reached.

What sets the B-900 apart, though, is that the aforementioned infrared sensor consistently allows the user to reach their desired skin temperature and freeze times, meaning companies can work more quickly and efficiently while freezing. Additionally, the combination of the sensor and the Cry-Ac spray system improves the accuracy of cryogenic procedures, which saves the company and client considerable sums of money.

Packaging and Warranty

Along with the Cry-AcTracker Liquid Nitrogen System, Brymill sends 2 double-AA batteries, a rugged aluminum carry case, apertures, needle spray, an operators manual, and an instructional DVD.

The cryogenics equipment has a six month limited warranty. The warranty does not cover abuse, neglect, or mishandling of the Cry-Ac.

Other Accessories

Besides the accessories mentioned above, Brymill sells a number of cryogenics-related products. These include: the liquid nitrogen storage tanks, replacement filters, spray extensions, lock adapters, and temperature-resistant gloves.

These temperature-resistant gloves are called the Tempshield Cryo-Gloves for Cryogenic Protection. The gloves, which are constructed of state-of-the-art thermal fabrics, have a flexible, multilayer design that allows cryogenics professionals a free range of motion during procedures. Additionally, the Tempshield gloves are resistant to water, are extremely lightweight, and have a breathable interior.

As with any Brymill products, the Cry-AcTracker is a superior piece of equipment.

by: getMedOnline


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