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Friday, July 8, 2011
getMedOnline is an Authorized Brymill Distributor. We carry the entire line of Brymill products such as Liquid Nitrogen Sprayers, Nitrogen Tanks, Cryosurgical Tips and accessories. See the below list

Click for Brymill Cry Ac B700 16Oz Nitrogen Sprayer YOU CAN MAKE OFFER
Click for Brymill Cry Ac 3 B800 10Oz Nitrogen Sprayer YOU CAN MAKE OFFER
Click for Brymill Cry Ac Tracker B900 10Oz Nitrogen Sprayer with Infrared Temperature Sensor YOU CAN MAKE OFFER
Click for Brymill Dewars, Withdrawal Tubes and Withdrawal Devices
Click for Brymill Family and Dermatology Practice Packages
Click for Cryosurgical Tips and Accessories

by: getMedOnline 0 Comments is an Authorized Distributor for all Ample Scientific centrifuges, rotors, microscopes and accessories. Please visit Our Website to see our competitive prices.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011
The LW Scientific ULC-08AD-1501 Ultra 8 Programmable Centrifuge is ON SALE for $329.95. Suggested Retail Price $486.00 Click to BUY

LW Scientific 8 place Programmable Speed Digital Centrifuge w/3300 RPM, ULTRA 8P. The 8-place Ultra centrifuge has a unique, space-saving triangle shape to fit easily into a corner. This unit, made of sturdy aluminum alloy, accommodates most test tubes from 3ml-15ml. The wide stance eliminates wobble, while the suction-cupped feet prevent slipping. The brushless motor (110V only) is virtually maintenance-free and the clear lid allows easy viewing of specimens while in use. Choose from 3 different models to meet your laboratory separation needs.


      • Programmable speed control

        • blood, urines, semen, fecals, etc.

      • Timer and lid safety shut-off switch

      • Maximum RCF=1,350 g


      • Accurate speeds for specific g-forces

      • Proper separations without cell damage

      • Ideal for blood, urine and other fluids

      • Quiet, vibration-free operation

      • Unique space-saving triangle design


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Hello everyone.

Our company recently became an authorized dealer for Crest Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaners. The high quality, ceramically enhanced ultrasonic cleaners  will be posted on our website, soon. For products and pricing, please either call us at 631-803 2694 or simply send us an email for a quote to


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