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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Riester Veterinary Diagnostic Set
High-quality medical supplies are a must have for any clinic, even Veterinarian clinics. It is important to pay close attention to the details of each and every tool that is available in a veterinary diagnostic set. Most sets contain a variety of commonly used tools that make examinations faster, more efficient, and much more comfortable for the patient.

One tool that can be found in veterinary diagnostic sets is the otoscope. Otoscopes help to see inside of the ear canal, veterinarian otoscopes come with longer specula that is well-suited for the longer or deeper shape of animal ears. They are equipped with a light and slender in design, which make navigating the small spaces of the ear much easier. In addition to their shape, they are made with comfortable materials that will not harm or irritate the sensitive tissues inside of the ear.

In addition to the otoscope, there is also a scope that is designed for eye examinations. This is called a ophthalmoscope. This scope is used to examine the health of the eye including the pupil and iris. Often times, in veterinarydiagnostic sets, you will find one scope with many attachments. This is convenient because it eliminates the need for switching tools as an overall examination progresses. Instead, the fitting at the end of the scope can be swapped out for a sterile fitting that is better suited for the task at hand. This is particularly true with otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes.

Another common tool that is found in diagnostic sets is the fiber optic nasal speculum. This is another type of scope that is used to see deep into the nasal passages and is particularly useful for locating and diagnosing nasal injury or lodged foreign objects. The fiber optic nasal speculum needs to be especially well-crafted in order to ensure the comfort and safety of each patient. The nasal passages, especially further back, are incredibly sensitive - this means that the speculum needs to be smooth and rounded, as to eliminate danger of injury.

In addition to the above technical tools, most sets will also include tongue depressor holders. Tongue depressors are uses to immobilize the tongue for easier examination of the oral tissues. Tongue depressor holders serve as a comfortable grip or handle, so that the depressor is easier to use and make holding the tongue in place much less difficult.

Diagnostic sets in veterinary medicine are very much like those used in human medicine. In fact many of the scopes can be used for either field with little to no modifications. However, using a diagnostic set that is specifically designed for animals will result in a smoother examination with less need to negotiate around the physical differences between the human and animal body. Twelve channels are available here, and patient and lead cables are also present. EKG Plus II software can also be downloaded from the Bionet 2000.

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Friday, June 29, 2012
Bionet ECG 2000
What is an EKG machine?

What is an EKG machine? The abbreviations ECG and EKG both stand for electrocardiograph; the latter is from the German form of the word, Elektrokardiogramm. Throughout this article, we will use only the English abbreviation.

That said, the purpose of an ECG machine is to measure the electrical activity produced by the heart. Each time the heart beats, it depolarizes, producing minute electrical changes. When the heart relaxes, a negative charge crosses its cell membrane; an influx of double- positive ions of calcium and sodium causes polarization as the charge is eliminated, signaling the heart to contract. ECG machines can detect this process as a series of tiny rises and falls in the level of negative electric charge, and can thus be used to analyze how healthy the heart is. Graph paper is commonly used with ECG machines so that the results of their findings can be printed, though more modern ones are connected with computers that can produce such graphs.

Bionet, also known as BIOSCI, is an online forum used by people throughout the world who study and work in the life sciences—molecular biology, medicine, dentistry, toxicology, bioinformatics software, and countless other areas. Such scientists can use Bionet to share information on the discoveries they have made and help develop their own and each other’s fields. It was first developed by computer workers at Stanford University in the mid- 1980s.

A variety of Bionet ECG equipment is sold in places throughout the Internet, and some will be described here. Most of them cost a few thousand dollars, and accessories for them are sold separately. The Bionet BM3 Plus can be used to measure NIBP (non- invasive blood pressure), respiration, SpO2 (saturation of peripheral oxygen), and temperature, in addition to serving as a Bionet ECG system, and it is capable of storing up to 120 hours of "trend and alarm information." Software can be upgraded on the Internet, and it weighs less than seven pounds, even with the battery.

The Bionet CardioTouch 3000 ECG has twelve channels and a high resolution LCD monitor. Files on this one can be saved in JPG graphics format, and printed from a Windows- based printer or emailed. Sections of the ECG can also be magnified so that they can be read more easily; it can be transferred to a computer from the machine’s control panel and saved there; custom comments may be added to it; and it can even be compared side by side with another ECG. Even more elaborate—and more expensive—is the BM5Vet with Mainstream EtCO2, a multi- parameter veterinary monitor on which the vital signs of the subject are displayed in color code form.

One of the greatest machines is the Bionet 2000, which is also one of the cheapest for its quality.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012
Wallach Surgical Tristar 3 Colposcope
In and Out of Coloposcopes

A colposcope is a field microscope with a powerful light source, magnification adjustable knob and eyepieces, beam splitter with high definition camera, and equipment having a long focal length mounted on a stable wide base with or without rolling casters or an examination table. It is a medical instrument that detects abnormal cervix, malignant tissues, precancerous and cancerous lesions by providing a magnified view of the tissues in and around the female genital area, letting the physician recognize any unnatural growth and uncommon health condition such as cervical cancer. The physician can then use the findings from the equipment for further preventive techniques.

Uses of a Medical Colposcope

Most physicians or colposcopists prefer colposcopy after a detailed pap-smear test on patients for analyzing the overall well-being of the cervix. Other reasons why these devices are in demand include but not limited to detection of HIV infection, forensic examination of sexual assault victims and valuation of DES exposure in uterus. Colposcopes that are widely used in clinics are typically equipped with a camera that collect evidences suggesting the presence of destructive tissues and clues that indicate sexual assault. A low power colposcope supply’s a quick examination for obtaining a general picture of the organs inside. Medium power and High power medical instruments with sophisticated light filters, on the other hand, are slick enough for detecting the presence of more advanced precancerous lesions in the cervix.

Types of Medical Colposcopes

Based on features, sophistication, price, need for mobility, available space and examiner's preference, colposcope supplies come in different form, shape and size. For example, a simple Wallach Surgical Colpostar 1H colposcope with fiber optic halogen light and single magnification mode has a bunch of basic features and is perfectly built for a quick colposcopy. A Wallach Surgical Tristar 3 magnification colposcope with extra bright halogen system offers direct view of the cervix through its powerful camera. Wallach's Pentastart Trulight colposcope or Zoomscopes with a series of par focal lenses or zooming capability with video are great choices for advanced examination. Those medical instruments with higher magnification can identify the abnormality with ease.

How to Use This Medical Equipment

Colposcopes are used on patients after obtaining their detailed history such as number of pregnancies, number of deliveries, contraception type, prior pap smear results, medical conditions, health problems, allergies, and drug use. A mild acetic acid solution (approximately 3%) is then applied to the surface of the device to visualize any abnormal condition after a thorough evaluation of vulva. The transformation zone which is believed to be the prominent region where cancerous and precancerous lesions usually reside is then examined with the camera. If cancer is present, the cervical area that comes in contact with acetic acid turns white. The result thus obtained tells the extent and severity of the condition and forms the basis for further evaluation. If no lesions are present, an iodine solution is applied to the surface that helps the device in highlighting the cervical region.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Bionet Fetal Monitor
Taking care of your baby begins as soon as you realize you are pregnant; before the infant is even born! Eating healthy, taking your prenatal vitamins, getting the correct amount of rest and exercise, as well as setting up visits with your obstetrician for prenatal care are just a few ways that a mommy-to-be can assure that she is doing the best for herself and her unborn child.

In addition to taking these important steps, another way the expectant mother can obtain the peace of mind that her new baby is growing, developing and doing well is by monitoring the baby's heartbeat with a fetal heart monitor. The fetal heart monitor is used to accurately assess the baby's heart rate while the infant is in utero.

Fetal dopplers and fetal heart monitors have long been used by healthcare professionals to detect the infant heart rate and in doing so, offering the healthcare provider valuable information regarding the welfare and overall heart health of the unborn infant. The fetal doppler is a non-invasive way to monitor the unborn infant. By using the fetal doppler, the mother gains valuable reassurance as she listens to her little ones' heartbeat.

The at home fetal doppler offers the parents the same reassurance as the fetal dopplers used in the healthcare setting. Using a technique that is painless, the mother applies a water-soluble gel to the flat surface of the fetal doppler probe which she then places onto her abdomen. By holding the probe of the at home fetal doppler on various areas of her pregnant abdomen, she can hear the steady rhythm of her unborn infants' heart. This is music to her ears and can offer immeasurable peace of mind at a time when she needs it the most.

Pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty and change, leaving her feeling unsure and scared. The fetal doppler monitor can offer her the assurance that her baby is doing well. Fetal doppler monitors are accurate and easy to use. The steady thumping of the tiny baby heart can be heard loud and clear using this up to date technology. As her time of delivery grows near and her baby grows to term, it is not unusual for her infant to become a little less active. During this time she can continue to monitor her baby's heartbeat by using the fetal doppler. It's quick and it's easy and offers the mother the most important information about her pregnancy...that her baby's heartbeat is strong!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Cryosurgery is the application of extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue. The term comes from the Greek words cryo and surgery  meaning "hand work" or "handiwork". Cryosurgery has been historically used to treat a number of diseases and disorders, especially a variety of benign and malignant skin conditions.

Warts, moles, skin tags, solar keratoses, Morton's neuroma and small skin cancers are candidates for cryosurgical treatment. Several internal disorders are also treated with cryosurgery, including liver cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, oral cancers, cervical disorders and more commonly in the past, hemorhhoids. Soft tissue conditionas such as plantar fasciitis and fibroma can be treated with cryosurgery. Generally, all tumors that can be reached by the cryoprobes used during an operation are treatable. Although found to be effective, this method of treatment is only appropriate for use against localized disease, and solid tumors larger than 1cm. Tiny, diffuse ,metastases that often coincide with cancers are usually not affected by cryotherapy.

Cryosurgery works by taking advantage of the destructive force of freezing temperatures on cells. At low temperatures, ice crystals form inside the cells, which can tear them apart. More damage occurs when blood vessels supplying the diseased tissue freeze. Buy cryosurgical equipments, parts and accessories at


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Saturday, June 9, 2012

ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator

Most patients think of electrosurgery and electrosurgery equipment as something ultra new and cutting edge. Today’s electrosurgery equipment is compact and computerized but electrosurgery actually began in 1926 and was first used in a successful operation that removed an aberrant growth from a patient’s head. William Bovie developed the first electrosurgery equipment sold commercially at Harvard.

Electrosurgery uses electric current to cut and seal incisions in any part of the body. The advantage of electrosurgery is a minimal loss of blood and other body fluids, faster operating times, smaller incisions, less scarring, and much faster healing times.

The equipment works by taking advantage of the current carrying capacity of body fluids. Just like salt water will conduct a current all body fluids have ions (anions and cations) that are capable of carrying a current.

Electrosurgery has progressed with time, computerization, and the rapid development of medical knowledge to a state of art that is truly phenomenal and lifesaving. Procedures that were once a dream are now a reality thanks to the advances in electrosurgical techniques.

In electrosurgery, a small variable capacity electric generator is needed. Probes of varying sizes that can be inserted into large and small body orifices are needed to carry the current to the affected area. Sterile tubes that conduct the probe to the area to be operated on are essential. Controls that guide the probes and allow a surgeon to control the amount of current delivered are basic in electrosurgery.

Electrosurgery is very versatile. The technique allows a trained surgeon to cut, coagulate, desiccate, and fulgurate a specific area by controlling the amount of current used and the distance the electrode probe is from the area being operated on.

Two of the major players in the development and marketing of electrosurgery devices and accessories are Bovie electrosurgery equipment and Conmed electrosurgery. Both companies have their own developments that boast to be the most cutting edge technology.

Bovie electrosurgery equipment is the result of William Bovie’s first leap into electrosurgery. Bovie electrosurgery equipment claims, with some right, to be the most recognized name in electrosurgery. One of this company’s more recent and innovative devices is a small hand held control that allows the surgeon to control both the amount of current and the movement of the cutting probe with a single hand, much like one controls a computer mouse. This device allows for much more accuracy and control for the surgeon.

Conmed electrosurgery claims to be the number one choice of surgeons for electrosurgery for the last seventy years. One of Conmed electrosurgery’s newer innovations is a low cost high frequency electrogenerator. This device makes electrosurgery practical in countries where hospitals have very low budgets. The generator is also portable enough that it can be taken into the bus almost anywhere and used with a generator.

Electrosurgery has developed to the extent that a trained surgeon in New York can operate on a patient in Nepal or anywhere else in the world provided the proper equipment is available and an Internet visual connection allows the surgeon to see the area he is operating on.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012
Riester Blood Pressure Cuff
Hypertension is known as the silent killer. Most people will not show any symptoms, and it is most often discovered during a doctor’s visit. The good news is, in most all cases, once hypertension is discovered it can be controlled. Under the guidance of their doctor, a regime of exercise, diet, and/or medication will be prescribed for patients with hypertension.

Patients with hypertension will more than likely be asked to keep track of their blood pressure between office visits. People with pre-hypertension may also want to chart theirs to make sure it does not rise to hypertension levels. For some people, it is difficult to get an accurate pressure reading at the doctor’s office. These people suffer from what is termed “white coat syndrome”, they become extremely nervous while at the doctor. This causes their pressure to increase temporarily so the doctor does not have an accurate reading from their blood pressure equipment. These people are able to know, and track, their own readings by having a blood pressure monitor at home.

There is a variety of types of equipment available for home use. It is vital to buy a home blood pressure monitor that is suitable for the person using it.

Digital equipment is popular and easy to read. There is a LCD type of display that shows the pressure and pulse readings. Digital blood pressure equipment has a blood pressure cuff and gauge. With these types of monitors, the cuff is placed and then a button is pushed to start the readings. The cuff will tighten as the readings are being taken, then release automatically as the results are displayed. There are monitors available with wrist or arm cuffs.

The other type of home blood pressure monitor is manual. With these monitors, the cuff is inflated by pumping a bulb that is attached via a tube. A stethoscope is used to check the blood pressure which is then recorded on a gauge. This type of blood pressure equipment takes some practice, and sometimes requires a helper to get the job done.

It is particularly important to be sure to purchase a blood pressure cuff that fits properly. Smaller adults and children may need a special cuff, in addition, larger adults may need a larger cuff.

When charting their readings, people should include the time of the day it was taken. They will find that it fluctuates throughout the day, and after certain activities. It might be wise to consider taking ones pressure at the same time each day, this would make daily comparisons more accurate.

It is essential to be still and relaxed while using a home blood pressure monitor. Sitting down in a comfortable position and taking a few minutes to relax is recommended.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Bionet BM3 Plus Multiparameter Vital Signs Monitor
The Bionet Company began operation in 1999.  They chose their name from a combination of the words Bioelectronics and Network.  The company was started to provide medical electronic machinery more affordably and worldwide distribution.  The purpose of the company is to make healthcare better world wide through making available the medical equipment used by countries with direct access to advanced medical technological equipment.  The Bionet medical equipment includes patientt monitors that include vital signs monitor equipment. 

The Bionet medical equipment available to clients of Bionet clients include CardioCare 2000 machines as well as patient monitors like fetal monitors included on patientt monitors.  Improving care of pregnant women by making vital signs monitoring of the fetus improves the care of the pregnant woman by informing the medical practitioner of the condition of the fetus.  The Bionet Monitor system includes patient care, making use of tele electronics in patient care.  The Bionet company complies with international medical technology standards and make accessible the most advanced medical technology available in monitoring patients. 

The Bionet Company has its headquarters in Seoul, Korea, where the company began s Bionet America, Inc.  The company has grown and includes Bionet America, which serves the medical technology market in the Americas.  The company markets the Bionet monitor and other medical equipment through its distributors located worldwide.  The Bionet Company is a manufacturer and distributor of the Bionet monitors whose aim is to improve health care services worldwide by making the latest medical monitors available to its clients world wide.  The monitoring of a patient's vital signs using the latest computer technology is the product that Bionet Company, LTD, manufactures and distributes to its clients around the world. 
The Bionet monitor is a vital signs monitor that can monitor a patient's vital signs by using computerized relaying of a patient's vital signs and making them available to any medical specialist.  The company is offering a vital service to the medical community around the world by giving them the technology required to improve their services to their patients.  The company has refurbished Bionet monitors as well to make their vital patient signs monitors affordable to all their clients world wide.  That is in keeping with their mission to provide the company's monitor to all medical care professionals to all areas of the world including those areas that might need the monitor sold at less than the new version of the health care vital mother and fetus signs monitor.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Ohaus Adventurer Pro Analytical Balance
Analytical scales are utilized by universities and industrial laboratories, who require a high degree of accuracy for measurements during research. The quantities of the materials can be extremely small and researchers require instruments that are precise in their calculations. Fortunately, advances in technology have produced scales that are accurate for a wide range of applications.

Selecting quality scales requires detailed research to compare the advanced features of each of the instruments. Carefully analyzing each aspect of an analytical scale will enable institutions to have the highest level of accuracy when weighing their materials. Selecting a quality scale will also improve precision and reduce the amount of time required to weight certain materials.

Analytical scales are able to be utilized with a variety of substances and can deliver accurate results.  The units can perform simple tasks such as tablet counting to more complex chemical analysis. Scales such as Ohaus scales have enhanced features to automate the process.

Ohaus, a leading manufacturer of analytical scales sells a wide variety of products for laboratories, manufacturing industries and education facilities. Ohaus analytical balances are specifically designed to perform complex laboratory measurements.

The company’s latest scales have advanced technology to simplify the process. Ohaus scales are able to provide a high level of accuracy and performance to organizations. Laboratory technicians are able to utilize the advanced systems for statistical analysis, dynamic weighing, density determination and counting.

Ohaus analytical balances are also intuitively designed for the maximum amount of performance and usability. Depending on the scale, operators are able to view the calculations on a touch screen display. In addition, the scales also take into consideration the laboratory’s environment and are designed for the maximum amount of functionality. Products such as the Voyager Pro have a compact design and a draft shield to provide accuracy despite the wind currents within a room.  The device also includes sophisticated software to perform pipette calibration, statistical QC and density determination.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Scale

There are several key factors to consider when selecting the best product for an organization. Often price is the main consideration to purchasing a scale, but value and quality are also essential. Organizations must also take into consideration if a scale’s efficiency and production capacity justifies the price.

The capacity of the scale must is also an important factor. Organizations are able to select scales based on the type of items that will be utilized on the balance. In addition, the environment and conditions of the laboratory can also influence the lifespan of the analytical balance scale. Selecting a scale that has a high capacity compared to the weight of the material used on the scale can increase the life span of the device.

Readability is also an essential aspect of the scales accuracy. Selecting a scale that clearly indicates the weight of the material without any confusion is the best option. Scales should have ten times the required precision for your materials.

Accuracy is another essential component of a high performing analytical balance scale. Higher levels of accuracy can be achieved when a laboratory scales takes into consideration the temperature, ventilation and humidity of the environment.

Companies must select scales carefully in order to receive optimal results.  Scales that are not able to perform at a high level may negatively impact an organizations research.  Prior to making a purchase, companies must compare the quality and performance of the scales to make the best selection.

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