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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The IKA RT5 IKAMAG Multistation Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer is a simultaneously operating 5 place stirrer. This high-performance stirrer offers extremely consistent heating distribution, which is necessary for experiments that are performed in a series.

Product Specifications

The IKAMAG, which comes with a two year warranty, has five different stirring positions. Additionally, the device has a heating temperature range from room temperature to 120 degrees Celsius. In terms of heat control and speed control, Ika’s IKAMAG Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer is built on a scale, from 1 to 10.

A motor provides power to the magnetic stirrer. This motor has an input rating of 7.2 watts, and an output rating of 1.8 watts. The motor’s speed ranges from 0 RPMs to 1100 RPMs.

This magnetic laboratory device also comes with a set-up plate, which is constructed of silicone, and has dimensions of 120 millimeters by 450 millimeters. When the stirrer and set-up device are combined, though, the IKAMAG is slightly bigger, measuring 138 millimeters by 65 millimeters by 552 millimeters. The magnetic stirrer weighs 3 kilograms.


IKA has designed a number of accessories for the IKAMAG Multistation Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer. These include: magnetic stirring bars, magnetic stirring sticks, base plates for the stirrer, and vials and flasks in a number of different sizes.

One of the most popular accessory flasks is the IKA H 135.4 Reaction Block for 100ml Flask. The flask is unique because it allows syntheses to be carried out if the experiment’s temperature is between room temperature and 180 degrees Celsius. Other features of this Reaction Block Flask include the ability to allow for uniform mixing, PTFE coating, and exchangeable inserts. The PTFE coating protects a mixture from burning. The flask, like the other accessory flasks available from IKA, can be adapted to a number of different uses.


The IKA RT5 IKAMAG Multistation Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer’s product number is 2930301. It is a versatile and high quality product that is suitable for any lab with such a need. 

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