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Sunday, January 19, 2014

When the need to clean sensitive or fragile objects arises there is no better choice than a professional ultrasonic cleaner. Traditional methods use abrasive scrubbing or damaging chemicals. This can harm the surface you are attempting to clean, especially if you’re working with delicate items. Cleaners such as the Branson M1800 0.5 Gal. Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner w/60 Minute Mechanical Timer, utilize a cleaning solution agitated by ultrasonic frequencies. By gently vibrating particulate matter off of objects, they are left with an unparalleled clean surface. In many cases an ultrasonic cleaner is the only way to reach deposits that may be hidden in deep grooves or pits like those found in jewelry.

Ultrasonic cleaners are not only used by jewelers. Many other fields have recognized their many benefits. Optics manufacturers use cleaners like Branson’s M1800 series to ensure their lenses are spotless. This is very important as even the smallest blemish can make a huge impact. Dentists and surgeons use ultrasonic waves to cleanse their precision instruments. Many other items are also cleaned by ultrasonic cleaners such as coins, fountain pens, firearms, musical instruments and more. Some professional cleaners have additional options that help them perform even better.

Branson's CPX-952-116R utilizes sweeping frequencies eliminating standing waves. Standing waves are a lot like playing jump rope with a couple of friends. The person in the middle moves a great deal while those on the end stand pretty still. By sweeping frequencies these null points move, ensuring everything is meticulously cleaned. This particular model uses frequencies at about 40KHz. The average person can only hear frequencies up to 20 KHz, putting the CPX-952-116R well beyond the human hearing limit. This allows for much quieter operation while it powerfully cleans items.

The Branson M1800 0.5 Gal. Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner w/60 Minute Mechanical Timer also shows thorough thought in its design, as is evident by their control location. By elevating the controls, splash-off from depositing items does not accumulate on the control surfaces. Intricacies in design such as this are indications of well-engineered and professional equipment. Equipment that is likely to last and outperform the competition for years to come.

by: getMedOnline


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