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Friday, July 27, 2012

Branson DHA-1000 Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Technology of Ultrasonic Cleaning! 

Highly efficient and effective cleaning is a requirement in many industries. Manufacturers clean components at various stages in their manufacturing process. Medical professionals need deep penetrating cleaning action that does not damage their precision instruments. Aircraft maintenance crews need to ensure parts are thoroughly scoured without any surface damage to avoid any degradation in flight performance.
In addition, the compaction of geometries has led to the need for deep probing cleansing action to reach tight spaces that may not be easily and effectively reachable otherwise. Plus, the phasing out of environmentally hostile chlorofluorocarbons globally has eliminated the legal (and moral) viability of many cleaning processes. More importantly though, critical factors like performance and warranty requirements lay a greater stress on the need for a high quality, predictable, repeatable, cleaning outcome.

The Ultrasonic cleaners are the equipments that use high frequency sound waves (ultrasonic: above the range of human hearing) to agitate an aqueous or organic medium (cleaning chemistry) that in turn acts on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber and ceramics. Contaminants can be dust, dirt, oil, pigments, grease, polishing compounds, flux agents, fingerprints, soot wax and mold release agents, biological soil like blood, and so on.

There are several types and capacities of ultrasonic cleaners that are specifically made for different types of industries and use. Besides the home use portable ultrasonic cleaners which are ideal for jewelry, CD, etc. cleaning, there are also larger industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipments for different types of industries such as repair shops, manufacturing facilities, medical and dental clinics for precise instrument cleaning.

Branson DHA-1000 is a 10 gallon capacity indsutrial ultrasonic cleaner available at

How does an ultrasonic cleaner work? Watch the Video

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ConMed Hyfrectaor 2000
 Hyfrecators are a type of medical equipment used in the process of electrosurgery. The hyfrecator functions by sending electrical impulses into the body with the use of a probe. Emitting an alternating (AC) current that is low in power but at a high frequency, the typical hyfrecator treatment is aimed at removing warts or sealing off bleeding, allowing the body’s natural processes to take over and competing the healing cycle.

Hyfrecator tips make it possible for the surgeon to be very exact when it comes to addressing tissue that needs to be removed or cauterized. Some designs for this medical tool include two probes, making it possible to generate a low grade current that passes between the tips situated on each probe. Other designs call for a single probe tip that can be used to seal open wounds or to burn off some types of skin cancer.

While a hyfrecator is primarily used to treat humans, the device is also a valuable tool in the practice of veterinary medicine. Veterinarians can use the tool to treat household pets with some sort of abnormal skin activity such as papules or scar tissue resulting from an accident, or fight with other animals. Along with treating dogs and cats, the device is used to treat horses and even less traditional pets like snakes, frogs, and hamsters.

The ConMed Hyfercator 2000 is a High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator, 7-900-115. The Hyfrecator® 2000 has been the #1 product-of-choice by physicians in office-based electrosurgery for almost 70 years. ConMed is pleased to continue this tradition with the Hyfrecator® 2000
    • 3 programmable power settings
    • Remote control handpiece to change power settings, maintain the sterile field, and decrease procedural time
    • Dual microprocessors: one to control the function and output of the Hyfrecator 2000; the second to terminate activation if a hazard or safety issue is detected.
    • High or Low Output Ports, allows you convenient switching back and forth between settings depending on your procedure. Save your most common procedural settings in both high and low mode. Precise output at low and high settings 

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Digital Pharmacy Scales/Balances

Electronic scales were first introduced in the late 1940s to the pharmaceutical world. Today, computerized pharmacy weighing scales are accurate and precise for weighing, taring and compounding medicine. Strain gauges are compressed, converting weight into electronic signals. Pill counting is fast without any cross-contamination. Cleaning is now minimized with electronic counting and taring. Displays are also large and easy to read. Compounding medicine can be accurately done with these modern scales, and the recipes are easy to print. Pharmacies today work more efficiently providing customers with safer drugs using electronic weighing scales.

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What is a magnetic stirrer?
A magnetic stirrer or magnetic mixer is a laboratory device that employs a rotating magnetic field to cause a stir bar (also called "flea") immersed in a liquid to spin very quickly, thus stirring it. The rotating field may be created either by a rotating magnet or a set of stationary electromagnets, placed beneath the vessel with the liquid. Magnetic stirrers often include a hot plate or some other means for heating the liquid.
Magnetic stirrers are often used in chemistry and biology. They are preferred over gear-driven motorized stirrers because they are quieter, more efficient, and have no moving external parts to break or wear out (other than the simple bar magnet itself). Due to its small size, a stirring bar is more easily cleaned and sterilized than other stirring devices. They do not require lubricants which could contaminate the reaction vessel and the product. They can be used inside hermetically closed vessels or systems, without the need for complicated rotary seals. On the other hand, the limited size of the bar means that magnetic stirrers can only be used for relatively small (under 4 liters) experiments. They also have  difficulty dealing with viscous liquids or thick suspensions. You can find laboratory magnetic hotplates and magnetic stirrers at

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Scilogex Shaker

Working in a scientific environment can be complicated and require a scientist, student or other scientific professional to be tedious. Most scientific researchers work long hours, study hard and rely on dependable equipment. When doing research, one must thoroughly study the topic, develop a method and execute that method. A scientist may not know the exact results that will occur, however, they prefer to know that their results are accurate. The laboratory setting is set up in a way that promotes safety and allows the technician to work smoothly and acquire the exact results they are looking for.

In a laboratory setting, one would expect to find typical lab equipment such as stirrers and shakers. Stirrers and shakers are used for putting together chemicals and other biological or chemical fluids. Lab shakers can be used for many purposes and should have the proper secured top for safety purposes. A lab shaker is used for mixing elements of all kinds and should be used with caution. Scilogex shakers are a particular type of laboratory shakers. These shakers are reasonably priced and come in a variety of styles to fit a scientific researcher's needs. Laboratory shakers should be purchased with the consumer knowing exactly what they are looking for and for what purpose. Scilogex shakers are a well-known and reliable brand of laboratory shakers.

Laboratory mixers are a similar term and can be purchased through Scilogex. Laboratory mixers are an essential part of laboratory equipment. They are used for almost all aspects of the scientific field and can be of great importance when looking for specific results in research studies.

Working in a laboratory setting can be quite tedious, frustrating and at some times unsafe. One must take extreme cautionary measures when working in a laboratory setting. Doing research, performing tests and studying different scientific elements is an exciting career to pursue. Choosing a scientific career requires the careful study of laboratory equipment, knowing which brands are safe and which brands will produce the desired results.

Research in the fields of chemistry and biology are great fields to study. There are many avenues to explore and venues to pursue. Having the best laboratory equipment is necessary in order to have a great career in these fields. All researchers desire the most efficient and effective results. Scilogex shakers are great tools that offer the best results. They are part of a family of laboratory equipment that is both reliable and dependable.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A tonometer is an instrument that is used to estimate intraocular pressure which is the fluid pressure behind the eye. Most tonometers are calibrated to measure pressure in millimeters of mercury. It can measure either the degree of corneal deformation produced by a known force, or the force needed to produce a given degree of corneal deformation. Optometrists often use these to screen for certain conditions and monitor those with known eye problems, particularly that of glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged in a characteristic pattern. This can lead to permanent damage and affect vision in the affected eye, eventually leading to blindness if left untreated. Because of the risks involved, the test is often included as a routine eye pressure test as it is vital to diagnose and treat glaucoma as soon as possible.

There are various methods of tonometry and each ophthalmologist and/or optometrist determines which method to use for an eye pressure test. These methods include Applanation tonometry, Goldmann tonometry, Perkins tonometry, Dynamic Contour tonometry, Non-contact tonometry, Ocular response analyzer, Electronic indentation tonometry, Rebound tonometry and Pneumatonometry to name a few.

Goldmann tonometry is considered to be the most accurate as well as the most widely accepted method. Numbing eye drops are used prior to the procedure to alleviate any discomfort. A small probe is then used to flatten a portion of the cornea. The eye care professional will evaluate your cornea while looking through a microscope. The force needed to flatten the cornea then determines the eye pressure. Usually this test is done after utilizing air-puff tonometry. These two tests are usually enough to determine the eye pressure.

The accuracy of a tonometer reading is usually determined by several factors. People have slight differences in the thickness and hardness of their corneas, so a person with a particularly hard cornea might have an abnormally high IOP reading but still be healthy. Many factors can attribute to a person's IOP. Eye inflammation, illness, diet and exercise also determine a person's IOP. It is hard for some patients to remain still during the procedure so in these instances air puff, Icare, or Diaton tonometers are used. This occurs mostly with people who do not like things touching the eye and with children.

Eye care is very important in order to maintain quality of life and should not be neglected for any reason.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wallach Electrosurgical Generator
Known for their innovation and leadership in the field of medical technology, Wallach Surgical offers electrosurgical products designed to meet today’s most demanding therapeutic and diagnostic requirements for gynecology, infertility practice, and obstetrics, all while providing excellent precision at an affordable price without compromising safety. Wallach features the finest instruments for obstetrics and gynecology, electrosurgical generators with smoke evacuator, cryosurgical, colposcopes, and digital imaging systems.

Wallach electrosurgical systems make electrosurgery safer, convenient, affordable, and dependable than ever. Wallach’s modern microprocessor provides the latest in medical technology. The system accurately and constantly monitors power levels for drag-free and smoother cuts. Tissues with high resistance can be expunged without bending the electrode. With minimal thermal damage, it is easy to obtain a bigger histological sample for pathology. After the excision, the system’s coagulation mode provides a powerful fulguration spray to seal the bleeders without touching the tissue.

Wallach electrosurgical systems come with a Biovac Smoke Evacuator that efficiently removes aerial vapor that may contain potentially harmful viruses and microbes. It has a high-powered noiseless motor along with a one-piece disposable filter that breaks the particles down to 0.02 micron. These systems also come with a full range of disposable accessories for electrosurgery. It also comes with rolling wheels and adjustable handle that serves as a vehicle that holds the generator and the integration unit. Attached on the smoke evacuator’s handle and the generator is the Integration Unit that activates the evacuator.

Wallach surgical systems include isolate circuitry generator, hand switch and foot switch operations, audible safety alarm, continuity monitor, and one year warranty. Other types of monitoring systems use split grounding pad, hand switch operations, loop electrodes and more. Wallach’s surgical products also come in a wide variety including ultrasound dopplers, intrauterine insemination devices, vaginal speculums, and cervical dilators.

Featuring the Trulight LED lighting system, Wallach’s Colposcopes offers a cooler, whiter, and brighter light that eliminates the inconvenience of needing to change light bulbs in the middle of the process. It is also the first of its kind, and it comes with a 7 year service warranty. Another modern technology incorporated in Wallach’s digital camera is software for total recall digital imaging. It allows easy transfer of digital pictures into the EMR system. Its Obstetric Archiving Software creates simplicity and order to a busy obstetric practice. A paperless interface, the Sonicaid Team Fetal Monitor allows viewing, documenting, and archiving of data that come from fetal monitors.
Wallach’s surgical systems are not only economical, but also conveniently compatible with other products. It comes with a full range of leep coated instruments, hooks, biopsy punches, dilators, speculums, and curettes. Hence, Wallach’s line of products is ideal for various practices in the medical field.

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Friday, July 13, 2012
LW Urine Strips
Test strips are a key component of laboratory supplies, which are economical and easy to use, in order to test many fluids, such as water, blood, urine and alcohol levels. Hospitals, medical facilities and various types of businesses, order testing kits to help them identify impurities in fluids and to identify, with certainty, contents of each liquid being tested. Test strips are used to identify the amount of alcohol in saliva, to determine the amount of blood alcohol concentration which causes a person to be impaired. Law enforcement agencies, corporate offices and educational institutions and public businesses, use test strips as a vehicle to address alcoholism in public locations.

Online web sites and brick front businesses carry test strips as a part of their laboratory supplies, which are globally popular with contractors, realtors, water sanitation businesses to test water. These test strips are designed to test the levels of nitrate or arsenic in filtered water. They test the level of calcium hardness in water and high level gases, such as hydrogen sulfide levels. The advancement of testing strips renders them more sensitive to test various commercial and body fluids for the detection of medical and commercial contaminants.

The more popular type of test strips are those used by medical facilities, to identify blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. Glucose strips are also a key element of a diabetic's daily medical supply to read their blood sugar levels. With the partnership of a blood meter, strips for blood glucose testing are coated with a glucose oxide chemical for an instant reading. Blood teststrips vary in their use, just like blood meters are different, but with the same blood sugar result levels. Some glucose strips are designed with plastic and include a layer which is absorbent enough to hold the blood being tested. Other strips for blood testing, includes a specific section on the strip for a glucometer to identify potential illnesses in children, adults and even our pets.

Ordering high quality laboratory supplies is a safe transaction with medically trained customer service assistants who will help you with any questions you may have on the right glucose strips, urine strips or any other strips for blood testing, as well as other medical equipment and products. Identifying and finding the cure for many medical conditions can be detected with the use of urine strips. Each urine testing strip is color coded as an indicator of certain medical conditions, such as kidney disease, cancer, liver disease, diabetes and various infections.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Professional Power Massager
How well an individual recovers from an illness or surgery depends on the rehabilitative treatment that is administered. Physical therapy is the popular means of rehabilitation for people worldwide, regardless of type of disease. This form of treatment has evolved over time and is an effective way of treating a variety of ailments and diseases.

This procedure involves manipulative treatment of muscles, joints and other areas of the body affected by chronic illness or an injury. Heat treatments, strength training, supervised exercises and massage may all be forms of this therapy. Factors that determine individual physical therapy regimens include type of condition or injury, the patient's age and treatments prescribed by a doctor.

A physical therapist is a health care worker who deals with patients who are going through physical disability and mobility issues. They help the patients through the use of effective rehabilitative treatments. Physical therapists use several modalities in order to increase strength, fitness, and flexibility. The treatment techniques used include physical manipulation, heat therapy, exercises, water therapy, ultrasound, cold compresses or electrical stimulation and therapeutic massage. Patients who have suffered an injury or face an illness that prevents the patient from moving the body easily benefit from the rehabilitative treatment provided by a physical therapist.

The skill of providing therapy through manipulation of injured body parts is a field that continues to grow in demand. Like other medical professionals, physical therapists undergo thorough training and pass certification exam before being licensed to administer treatment to patients. There are many occupations available for a physical therapist, including rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospitals and professional sports teams. Physical therapists can also work in medical clinics, physical therapy offices, and other health care settings. Those who want to work in this medical field must show compassion for their patients, since most patients who need therapy are going through pain and discomfort. Many physical therapists complete advanced training and become supervisors or start their own private practice as a health care provider.

Regular rehabilitation sessions can help to reduce pain while damaged muscles, joints, and nerves heal. Usually when someone is in pain the person does not move normally. Pain can limit motion, and this causes people who are in pain to brace themselves in trying to protect the injured or painful part of the body. As a result, the individual may hold the injured or painful muscles in an abnormal position.

This form of therapy often involves the use of physical therapy equipment such as walkers, braces or other mobility supplies. Patients may be taught to exercise the injured parts of the body while wearing supportive devices. Therapy session can also simulate the conditions patients may encounter at home or work during a typical day.

Several types of physical therapy supplies are used in the facility that provides this type of care. The physical therapy tools used in a treatment program depends on the type of injury involved. The various physical therapy equipment is designed to help the patients restore movement within their bodies.

Some physical therapy tools are specifically made to help relieve pain while other physical therapy supplies are designed to help recover mobility, or restore flexibility in the body. Physical supplies can also help therapists devise exercises specifically for meeting each patient's needs.

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