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Thursday, February 6, 2014
The Scilogex Bright OTF 5000 Cryostat is the newest system from
Scilogex, a Connecticut-based company that specializes in cyrostats,
cryogenic products, dry ice machines, and rapid freezers for
specialized specimen freezing.

Cryostats are used when tissue samples are needed for biological or
medical analysis. The device slices the tissue very finely, so that
it can be analyzed under a microscope. Additionally, this instrument
also acts as a stationary freezer that freezes a specimen between -20
and -30 degrees Celsius.

Although cryostats are generally considered a specialized type of
equipment, they are useful in a number of different circumstances.
Most importantly, the machines are capable of cutting a wide range of
bone specimens, from brain, plastics, organic plant matter, tissue,
resins, and soft tissue. Because of its versatility, Scilogex's sytem
is useful in both research and clinical operations.

Where the Scilogex Bright OTF 5000 sets itself apart, however, is that
it has an anti-roll plate mechanism that allows for excellent specimen
control and effortless temperature stability. The OTF5000 also
features improved ergonomics, and a new blade system that is
distinguished by its powerful 5040 microtome blades.

Other features found on the OTF 5000 are its easy-to-access quick
freezer, internal shelves, a motorized sectioning speed, automatic
defrost, a window demisting system, and disposable blades.

In total, the Bright OTF had a width of 35 inches, a depth of 35.4
inches, and a height of 51.2 inches, so it will fit on any lab table
or operating tray.

Different Versions

Depending on your needs, there are three different versions of the
Bright OTF available from Scilogex. The Basic Bright OTF, for
example, possesses a standard knife holder assembly, the anti-roll
mechanism, and a solid microtome knife with a 22 degree angle.

On the other hand, the LS version of the OTF5000 adds a 2-speed
Motorized Advanced Rewind, an automatic reset button, and the
Cryomatic Specimen Temperature Control to the aforementioned features
found on the Bright Basic OTF.

Like other Scilogex products, the Bright OTF comes with a one year

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