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Sunday, October 27, 2013
Cervical dilators are used for a wide variety of surgical needs. They are essential tools that are used in many different types of surgery, for it would be virtually impossible to successfully complete the surgery without the use of these tools. There are many different types of cervical dilators that are available on the market. Specifically, the Wallach Reusable Hank Cervical Dilators are one of the most popular brands available on the market. They are popular for a variety of reasons, largely because of their ease of use and the fact that they can be easily sterilized and used repeatedly.

Cervical dilators are used to perform hysterectomies, as well as a number of other surgeries that requires that the cervix be dilated. This is sometimes necessary during a difficult childbirth or when other types of operations are necessary due to advanced disease or traumatic injury. When these types of surgeries are necessary it is important that the right tools be used. It can not be overstated how important it is that the proper tools be used and that they are carefully selected. It is also vitally important that they are properly sterilized. The ability to easily do this makes the Wallach Reusable Hank Cervical Dilators one of the most popular surgical tools on the market for such operations.

Like many cervical dilators, the Wallach Reusable Hank Cervical Dilators are made of stainless steel. They are engineered to painstaking dimensions and come in a wide variety of sizes so that they easily fit patients of all sizes. For instance, the smallest reusable cervical dilator of this type comes in a 4.5 mm size. The largest is a 10 mm instrument. The instruments gradually increase in size from the smallest to the largest and ½ mm increments, allowing doctors to choose the instrument that will pose the least amount of risk to the patient and allow the surgery to be performed successfully with a minimum risk of complications.

The fact that the cervical dilators are reusable and that they are easily sterilized is one of the most important things about them. It is absolutely imperative that any surgical instrument which is reusable be able to be completely sterilized with a minimum risk of infection being transferred from one patient to the next. These instruments are designed to be reused and are therefore designed specifically for the express purpose of being sterilized easily and completely through routine hospital sterilization techniques.

Due to the effectiveness of these particular cervical dilators, doctors all over the world often choose to use them. They are an essential surgical tool in order to help patients in situations where it would be virtually impossible to perform a successful operation otherwise. Therefore, many doctors choose to use them due to the fact that they are reliable and well proven instruments. The confidence that doctors have in these instruments cannot be overstated. As a result, many top physicians and hospitals make the decision to use these instruments on a daily basis.

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Friday, October 25, 2013
G5 massagers have been used and sold for over fifty years now. They provide very deep and penetrating massages typically utilizing frequencies from around 15 to 55 CPS. More recently they have been proved to be effective in battling cellulite. The cellulite reduction market has been dominated by creams, lotions, and tablets for a long time now, making the G5 massager a welcome change. Benefits are often seen from the first treatment, since the G5 massager has the ability to be used in a variety of different methods. It is known to stimulate the lymphatic system, and as a result of this it can help alleviate problems such as fluid retention and puffy skin in various parts of the body. They can also aid the appearance of lumpy skin (often referred to as the "cottage cheese effect’), leading to a much smoother appearance of the skin. Furthermore, the G5 Massager can be used in addition with a hot body wrap, as the vibrations help stimulate the fatty deposits to break down. It disperses excess fluid through the lymphatic areas, which results in an instant detoxifying effect, and it also improves the skins elasticity and collagen flow via the improved blood circulation.These modern G5 massagers come with a few key features:

Multiple Direction Stroking: This therapy system provides a horizontal and vertical action using a specially made adapter. The multi-force action helps in removing and dislodging secretions and byproducts of metabolic waste, particularly for deep detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

Gyratory action: This is a unique combination of backwards and forwards motions, which produce a gyratory force. It is very similar to the motions of a traditional massage for petrissage, tapotement and effleurage effects.

Percussion Action: The choices of the speeds and frequencies can vary quite a lot, particularly at mid-range. This creates a deep vibration to muscle layers, which in turn provides relief from injured or sore muscles. In order for a reduction in the appearance of cellulite to occur, it is advised to have one session per week for up to a month. This is dependent on how severe the cellulite is, and may vary depending on each the individual needs.

However, it is not uncommon to see a difference from the first session. It is important to note that the G5 massagers are not a weight loss treatment. The G5 massagers are an aesthetic treatment to reduce to appearance of cellulite on the body. The results from the massage can be sustained in conjunction with a healthy diet, however some individuals do benefit from a monthly 'top-up'. It is also recommended that those who are to undergo a G5 Massage drink at least 2 liters of water every day before treatment. This is because the lymphatic system is highly stimulated. If not enough water is consumed, it is highly likely that feelings of lethargy and headaches will occur. This is due to the fact that the toxins in the body will be mobilized.Most of all, the G5 Massage for cellulite removal is highly practical. Is not not surgical, and does not have a recovery period. The results are safer, more sustainable and far more inexpensive compared to surgery.   

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Dermatologists increasingly use cryosurgery to treat lesions and diseased skin tissues. Cryosurgery works by applying extreme cold to a diseased tissue and destroying it completely. This stops the condition from spreading to other unaffected area. Conditions such as warts, skin tags, solar Kerasotes and minor skin cancer are often treated with cryosurgery. Liquid nitrogen is most commonly used substance in cryosurgical treatments. However in order to destroy the diseased cells effectively and safely a proper cold delivery system is required. Even though some doctors use swabs to treat an affected area, liquid nitrogen dispensed through a cryogenic sprayer is the most effective way and increasingly becoming more popular.

Brymill is the world's leading manufacturer of liquid nitrogen based handheld cryosurgical equipments. Brymill Cry-Ac 3 liquid nitrogen sprayer is the latest and one of the most popular devices used by dermatologists all over the globe. The device can be used effectively to spray liquid nitrogen (LN2) on an affected area with supreme precision. Known for its unmatched safety standards, the Brymill Cry-Ac 3 liquid nitrogen sprayer comes with 5 spray tips of different aperture sizes ranging from .04 inches to .016 inches. These spray tips can be used to treat different types of skin disorders and abnormalities, with extreme precision and safety. It also comes with a 20 gauge bent spray, in order to treat difficult areas and adds greatly to the precision of the device. The device comes in two sizes of 500 ml and 300 ml capacity.

When treating with liquid nitrogen safety and precision is the top priority. The Brymill Cry-Ac 3 is carefully designed to give its user supreme control and can be used to treat even the smallest of areas. The slender figure tip trigger and ambidextrous design of the device does not obstruct view and gives the user extreme control.

The Brymill Cry-Ac3 also comes equipped with a patented safety autovent. This ensures safety by gradually releasing the internal pressure when the cap is removed. A high quality relief valve is also fitted to the device in order to maintain the precise amount pressure required for a delicate procedure.

The device is manufactured using high quality brass and stainless steel making the device supremely durable and sturdy. A high quality Polypropylene base also adds to the stability and sturdiness of the device. Due to its smaller size and design, the Brymill Cry-Ac 3 liquid nitrogen sprayer is very easy to use. Even with a full tank, the 300ml version weighs a mere 715g and can be easily transported. The device comes with a 3 years manufacturers warranty and a 12 month warranty for its withdrawal and storage equipments.

In order to address various needs and unpredictable medical conditions, the Brymill Cry-Ac 3 can be fitted with a range of Brymill accessories. Some of the compatible accessories are listed below.

Liquid nitrogen storage tank. Available in different capacity.
A range of cryosurgical spray extensions.
Protective Cryo-gloves.
A range of spray tips for treating different types of lesions.
Cryosurgical luer-lock and back vent adapters.
A range of mini and conical probes.
A range of probes specifically designed for vascular lesions, cervical cancer and hemorrhoids.
Brymill Insulated carry bag.        

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Thursday, October 17, 2013
Ordering and shopping for medical equipment can be a daunting task, but we make it easy. When you need medical equipment, you need the very best. We help you find exactly what you want and explain every step of the shopping process. It shouldn't be necessary to know and understand the ins and outs of the engineering requirements of your equipment. Our Scilogex test tube rotator will be exactly what you need.
We do that for you and make sure you are given exactly what you need, neither overselling nor underselling you and your company. We value you as a customer and hope you will find a need for us in many ways. So when you need a test tube rotator, we do our best to satisfy your needs. When you run a health care facility or lab, you need the best and most efficient equipment you can get at the best value.

Everyone's budget is very slim these days, and every penny counts even if it's just a test tube rotator. The Scilogex test tube rotator gently rotates your specimens at a constant speed no matter what the conditions. When you need reliability and you have a science room, university chemistry Lab, or healthcare facility, you need Scilogex for its experience and greater knowledge. We know exactly what is needed in the medical, health and science environments of today.

Since technology has become so advanced and entered into every field of development today our company has kept up and outdone its competitors. Everyone knows that medical engineering is where the economy is headed and this company keeps up with the very best. Scilogex makes various medical products and is well-known in the medical community for its experience and reliability. When you think efficiency and quality, you think Scilogex. Whether your facility is large or small, we can meet the needs or your organization and company. Our machines are guaranteed.

Our guarantee of success is your satisfaction of quality. We also have financing for new or established companies that need it. In many cases, the expenses of leasing of our machines can be deducted from your taxes at one hundred percent. Other financing options are available as well. Financing is available for sixty months or more for all credit types.

When you order online, we let you know how important your privacy is. You can be sure that any purchases you make will be treated with the utmost in respect and confidence. Please register and fill out the information form in order to facilitate our ability to help you and your company with your needs.

So, visit our online facility and shop at your leisure, without pressure or stress. Our equipment is explained in detail, and any questions you may have will be answered in the best way possible, because we value your needs as a healthcare, medical, or scientific environmental facility. Contact us day or night via the internet and at our website. 

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Saturday, October 12, 2013
Utilizing the appropriate Unico microscope is very important, as different microscopes are going to provide you with different features, from the magnification variants to the external hardware it can connect to. Knowing what sort of microscope is going to work best for you can often be the difference between purchasing the right device and one that just is not going to function in the way you need it. Due to this, knowing a little bit about the different microscopes is going to ensure that you can always have the right device on hand, regardless of what you do or what you need it for.

If you are looking for a basic laboratory microscope, you are going to generally opt for a device with a magnification of 4, 10 and 40. This is going to allow you to alter the magnification easily, and with the bulb located under the specimen area it is easy for you to see the objects you require. Of course, you might want to look through different illumination options, as there are ones that vary from tungsten to fluorescent. While the fluorescent light bulbs use up less energy and do last longer, you might receive a slight discoloration with these bulbs, such as an off yellow or orange, depending on the bulb.

Some of the base model Unico microscope offerings are only going to have one eye piece. The two piece function does upgrade the equipment and gives you not only an easier time looking at the specimen, but more depth of field as well. The next upgraded microscope, which is going to have a fourth variable for magnification, usually adds on a 100 times the size magnifier. With this sort of added size and power, it is going to be possible to see more information. On top of this, the light bulb is going to be different again, ranging from a halogen light, which is the same kind of bulb used in vehicle headlights, and a battery AC.

Now, if you want a high end microscope; most of these are not going to have the basic four times the magnification option. Instead, these powerful microscopes are designed to give you the ability to study objects that wouldn't even appear on the 4x. This equipment also comes with an optional digital camera. This way, you can easily take pictures of the subject matter, in case you require proof or assistance and a second opinion from an individual who is not able to be on site when measuring and monitoring the information.

When it comes to selecting the right microscope, you need to know what you are going to be using the equipment for and what you are going to be monitoring. If you just need a basic lab microscope, the single eye piece option might just be what you require. However, with a higher price tag you are able to obtain more power, better lighting and the ability to capture images of your specimen on the microscope tray.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013
The Sharpertek Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a professional jewelry cleaning kit that is able to effectively clean a variety of jewelry. Besides jewelry, there are other cosmetic items, cutlery and even automobile and home keys that may be professionally cleaned with the Sharpertek Ultrasonic kit. An array of design features give the unit the ability to effectively jewelry, cutlery or keys so they have a brilliant shine and are ready to wear, use or display.

As for the jewelry items this kit can clean, all of the common jewelry items including rings, earrings, wrist bracelets, various necklaces, wristwatch bands or straps and many other items of jewelry as well as fragile coins. The way the unit is designed allows for optical accessories like eyeglasses and sunglasses or even contact lens cases to be thoroughly cleaned.

The Sharpertek Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has an integrated wide-diameter transducer component which is able to successfully clean the various items. Inside the unit, there is a tray holder and also a watch holder to hold each watch band so it may be cleaned properly. There is also the option for customers to have an integrated silver cleaning plate in the unit; this silver cleaning plate is able to properly remove tarnish from various metals including: silver, copper, nickel, brass and other popular metals.

The unit is designed with an interior blue LED which illuminates the inside of the machine so people may observe the cleaning process of the items they’re cleaning. The tank of the Sharpertek is manufactured from stainless steel, can hold up to one pint of cleaning solution and weighs in at a meager 1.8 pounds; the unit is also space-saving, measuring in at 8 inches in length by 5.5 inches by 5 inches in height.

The Sharpertek jewelry cleaner is capable of producing up to 42,000 Hz of Ultrasonic frequency to thoroughly clean compatible items within the tank holder. More specifically, the ultrasonic frequency creates a microscopic de-cavitation effect which is able to completely remove particles from jewelry, cutlery, keys and other compatible items at the microscopic level.

There is a simple ON and OFF button located on the front-top of the unit and when in operation, the unit automatically runs on a 3-minute timer until automatically powering off. To prepare the unit for operation, the tank simply needs to be filled to the proper level with the proper jewelry cleaning solution; afterwards, jewelry, keys, cutlery or other small compatible items may be simply inserted into the unit and the ON button pressed for an automatic cleansing cycle.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Veterinary care today offers many challenges, and when caring for you patients, you need monitors that are accurate, user friendly and dependable. Bionet offers a variety of telemetry monitors to suit the needs of your practice. Bionet is a leading healthcare company dedicated to workmanship of the highest level and committed to helping practitioners provide uncompromising care to their patients and improved patient health. Bionet Veterinary Patient Monitors offer the Veterinary practitioner unparalleled monitoring of veterinary patients to help you practice medicine with confidence and efficiency. Backed by a 4-year warranty, the longest in the industry, when you purchase a Bionet Monitor, you know you are buying quality products and service you can depend on.

Available in several different models, Bionet Veterinary Patient Monitors are dependable and accurate giving you the vital information you need to make decisions and provide care to your patients. The BM1 VET is the most compact portable device; at less than 2 pounds it features SpO2, NIBP, and temperature with optional EtCO2 and with a 4.3″ color TFT LCD. The BM3Vet Next replaces the BM3Vet and the BM3Vet Plus, its uniquely designed handle and compact design make it easy to take from room to room. The BM3Vet Next offers a 7″ widescreen color monitor that displays vital signs in different colors and a built in printer offers hard copy documentation of all measured values as well as up to 3 waveforms of information. With easily adjustable settings and alarms that are retained after turning off the power, this model is designed for use in a busy veterinary practice. The BM5Vet has 2 temperature modules and EtCO2 (your choice of mainstream or sidestream) on top of ECG, respiration, NIBP and SpO2. With a 10.4″ color TFT screen, the BM5Vet is the largest model. It displays all the vital signs in different colors and allows you to monitor your patient clearly, even in difficult lighting conditions.

The Bionet color LED displays with color-coded vitals make it easy to instantly see the information you need. Optional accessories include multi lead vet ECG cables, skin and rectal temperature probes, rectal SpO2 sensors, B-Link automed record keeping software and DC adapters. With many models offering 3-6 waveforms, rechargeable batteries & computer interface, the many features ensure that you can track the patient information you need. Bionet Monitors are the #1 choice by Veterinary providers for dependable and accurate telemetry solutions.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013
Mention the word colposcope, and most women will cringe. Thinking about this device immediately triggers mental images, and some past experiences, of trips to a Gynecologic specialist. If women rediscover the luxury of having access to such equipment in comparison with old-style alternatives, they will replace the cringe with a “Phew!”

Modern women who take a routine approach to their sexual health really only have to worry about two things. First, is the fear of possibly having internal, precancerous lesions. Second, is contact with a cold instrument. Compared to the past, modern women are really very lucky. Understanding the body and developing better medical devices are intimately co-related. A high-powered colposcope is a prime example of beneficial medical device evolution.

Less than a century ago, there were no instruments like Wallach Colposcopes. It has only been a few decades since this invention has been refined enough to be effective in a large percentage of the female population. Before the colposcope, invasive exploration with potentially harmful devices was used. With state-of-the-art colposcopes, the most minute details of hidden areas can be located, magnified, diagnosed and treated with little or no discomfort and pain.

In the not-so-distant past, women would have to worry needlessly about anything feeling strange in their bodies. Once pain and symptoms became too great to handle, Gynecologic exploration was initiated. This monitoring made symptoms worse and was often too late to reverse certain conditions. Before ultra-modern medical equipment like Wallach Colposcopes, the vast majority of Gynecologist visits were bad news, or a death sentence. Colposcopes make all forms of early detection and regular thorough examination easy and almost completely without risk.

Wallach Colposcopes make dorsal position examination very quick, painless and as non-compromising as possible. They use powerful LED and halogen lighting systems, powerful magnifiers, and smooth, super-thin tools. They are made even more effective with the application of highlighting liquid solutions, cameras and sturdy wheelbases. Wheels seem moot but, in the past women had to come to the device instead of the device being mobile and set up wherever is most comfortable.

In the entire realm of women's health, the colposcope should be regarded with the same amount of reverence as inventions like indoor plumbing, vaccines, wireless communication and Pilates. Compared with their counterparts in the past, women today are much more privileged because of sophisticated diagnostic devices. Be thankful next time you visit the Gynecologist and rediscover how simple your check up turns out to be!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013
Looking for the best laboratory mixing equipment for containers? Look no further because Benchmark scientific test tube rockers and rollers are the most ideal and guarantee you the best results.

Choosing the equipment will not only make your mixing work much easier, but can also enhance precision and accuracy. In fact, they can also save you time when it comes to mixing different fluids. This is because they operate at very fast speeds. However, it is important that you also get hands-on information on the way they operate before acquiring these scientific test tube rockers and rollers.

How They Work

Benchmark Scientific Test Tube Rockers and Rollers are specifically designed to assist in thorough mixing of various containers including roller bottles and test tubes for blood collection among others. The rollers and rockers work in a gentle manner to always ensure that you get the desired results.

However, it should also be noted that they operate at given speeds. The optimum speed for the tilting rollers and rockers is 38 RPM, the recommended speed for most mixing operations.

When the Benchmark Scientific Test Tube Rockers and Rollers are in operation, they make quite a number of revolutions in order to ensure that mixing is done properly. In every revolution, the mechanism of the rollers gently elevates the right side of every roller at 13 mm thereby causing an effect that agitates an even mixing of the samples used. This works far better and faster compared to stationary rollers. Besides, these rockers and rollers are also very safe to use since all the samples are mixed according to your needs thereby ensuring accurate results.

Scientific rockers and rollers for test tubes operate very smoothly and this is displayed in the way they perform tilt actions. When mixing using the equipment, it is very important to note that they are recommended for bottles or tubes that have diameters ranging between 8 to200mm. There are several different models offered, based on specific mixing needs that you may have.

Benchmark Scientific test tube rockers and rollers are ideal mixing apparatus for researchers, doctors and clinical laboratories.

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