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Friday, February 14, 2014

 It is with great care that we tend to choose our pets. We want the fit to be just right for our family. Once we have chosen this special animal to join our lives; we experience the heart break when they get sick. It is a good feeling to know the vet will be there to care for our dear pet.

The Bionet BM1Vet Portable Multi Parameter Veterinary Monitor is needed to ensure their health and safety when they are sick or expecting special deliveries from the stork. When seeking out a new vet to care for your special family member always ask if they have the convenience of the Bionet BM1Vet Portable Multi Parameter Veterinary Monitor.

This compact device is perfect for the office or home visits. The quick IV pole release ensures the ability to move quickly or change rooms. The touch wheel makes navigation of the BM1Vet simple. And, the ability to connect to the PC through a Windows program will aid the vet in keeping complete and accurate records for your pet's medical needs. The display is clear and bright. There is plenty of memory. Keeping track of the chosen settings without having to reenter them each time saves the vet hours of extra work. This will free up time to care for your special pet.

Each system has over 120 hours of trend data storing capabilities. Also, the battery will not fail with the 4 hours of battery life. Whether in the office or in the barn, the fetal monitoring will be accurate, and recorded, with the BM1Vet. Temperature and heart tones are also monitored and recorded by this compact tool. The doctor will have peace of mind with the 4 year warranty. This is a huge help in today's industry. Quality is a rare thing these days but your vet will have the best in this device. Your pet will be cared for, and you will be able to relax. It is worth it to see your furryfriend well and content.

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