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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

LW Scientific UNIVERSAL USA Centrifuge

LW Scientific Universal Centrifuge -

Centrifugation is a process which involves the application of the centripetal force for the sedimentation of heterogeneous mixtures with a centrifuge, and is used in industrial and laboratory settings. This process is used to separate two immiscible substances. More-dense components of the mixture migrate away from the axis of the centrifuge, while less-dense components of the mixture migrate towards the axis. Chemists and biologists may increase the effective gravitational force on a test tube so as to more rapidly and completely cause the precipitate (pellet) to gather on the bottom of the tube. The centrifuges are commonly used laboratory equipment in chemistry but especially in biomedical industry to separate bio-fluids such as blood, urine, semen, stem cells, etc. Because of its important job, a centrifuge is a critical instrument in terms of its precision and performance.

Here is a new product from LW Scientific. The all new LW Scientific UNIVERSAL USA centrifuge. Completely designed, engineered and assembled in the United States of America. A unique triangle shape, more power and more precision. With the choice of either an 8 place fixed-angle rotor or a 6 place swing-out rotor, the Universal Centrifuge from LW Scientific is the perfect solution for both laboratories and doctor's offices. This newest member of LWS's USA centrifuge initiative features a ZERO-RPM locking lid for safety and digital programming of time and speed ranging from 800-3400rpm. Achieve up to 1450g with the fixed angle rotor and 1809g with the swing-out rotor resulting in clean, easy to read lines of separation. The LW Scientific Universal centrifuge has a 110-220v auto-switching power adapter. The clear lid allows the user to monitor the spinning from outside. Digital control panel gives ease of use to the clinician to setup the speed, timer and the G-force. It accommodates 6 or 8 test tubes from 3ml to 15ml (10.25 mm x 65 mm / 17 mm x 130 mm) based on the rotor option selected.  

The LW Scientific UNIVERSAL Centrifuge is capable of handling the below applications;
  • Blood (PRP/PPP)
  • Urine
  • Semen
  • Fecal
  • Petroleum
The LW Scientific UNIVERSAL centrifuge has a built in transformer that allows the equipment to be used both with 110V as well as 220V without hesitation in any country in the world. This makes this centrifuge even more convenient than its competitors. Are you looking for a reliable clinical centrifuge for your lab, clinic or for your any time of scientific setup, please check out the all new LW Scientific UNIVERSAL centrifuges, hereYou can configure your LW Scientific UNIVERSAL centrifuge with the following rotor options;

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Branson SFX Series Sonifier Cell Disruptors

Sonication is the act of applying sound energy to agitate particles in a sample for various purposes such as cleaning, processing, homogenizing, emulsification, etc. Ultrasonic frequencies (>20 kHz) are usually used, leading to the process also being known as ultrasonication.

Branson SFX Series Sonifiers
In the laboratory, it is usually applied using an ultrasonic bath or an ultrasonic probe, colloquially known as a sonicator. Branson Ultrasonics, a global leader in ultrasonic technology is now coming up with a new series of sonicators, the Branson SFX Series Ultrasonic Cell Disruptors. The new SFX series sonifiers have been enhanced on every aspect as functionality, efficiency, design and performance. Let's take a quick look at these precious laboratory equipment.

All new Branson SFX series are now offered with the below standard features;
  • Energy Mode. In Energy Mode, the SFX Series power supply manages the processing cycle to deliver a precise, user-determined input of ultrasonic energy (measured in joules), either continuously or in individual pulses. The SFX Series automatically compensates for any variability, extending or shortening the cycle as needed to deliver the precise energy output.
  • Process monitoring. In operation, Sonifier SFX Series monitors ongoing processes on a scrollable, digital screen, providing continuous updates of key variables including power level, energy usage, sample temperature, and experiment progress.
  • Sample-processing programs. For assured repeatability and precision on a greater scale, the SFX Series enables users to create and store up to 20 sample processing programs. Program parameters include continuous or pulsed ultrasonics; time, energy, or temperature control modes; pulse on-time/energy, off-time and total on-time/energy; or amplitude as a percentage.
The new Branson SFX series are available in 3 different power and frequency options as 150 watts/40kHz, 250 watts/20kHz and 550 watts/20kHz.  The SFX150 Series has the 150watt power output at 40kHz and available in two different configurations one with traditional converter and a 1/8" microtip (Part No:101-063-962R (110V) or 101-063-963R (220V) and the other with handheld converter with 1/8" micro tip (Part No:101-063-1096R (110V)  or 101-063-1097R (220V) to process liquids from 0.2ml up to 150ml.

The Branson SFX250 is the model that has a 250 watts output at 20kHz frequency. This model comes with a 1/2 horn and it's ready for operation to process liquids from 0.2ml-500ml (Part No:101-063-965R (110V) or 101-063-966R (220V)

And here comes Branson's most powerful SFX SONIFIER ultrasonic cell disruptor with 550 watts output at 20kHz frequency.  The Branson SFX550 with part number 101-063-969R (110V) or 101-063-969R (220V) comes with the 1/2" horn or 3/4" horn (Part No:101-063-968R (110V) or 101-063-970R (220V).


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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

BIONET BM7 Veterinary Patient Monitor w/Color Touch Screen

BIONET BM7 Veterinary Monitor
A patient monitor is a medical device that's designed to monitor the health status of a patient whether it's a human or animal. These patient monitors can give information to the physician some highly important data about the patient's vital signs such as heart rythms, pulse, blood saturation, respiration, blood pressure, temperature, and much more. Because of these serious vital signs, reliability and precision in readings are extremely important because they can assist in providing for patient comfort and can reduce the risk of infection and other complications. Patient monitors are utilized in a wide range of inpatient and outpatient environments including conscious sedation, respiratory therapy, sleep, emergency medical services, and transport. Patient monitors have become vital to care in operating and emergency rooms, intensive care and critical care units. Additionally, patient monitors have proven invaluable for respiratory therapy, recovery rooms, out-patient care, transport, radiology, gastroenterology departments, ambulatory, home, and sleep screening applications.  

Bionet,  one of the Korean manufacturer of medical equipment now offers a great product with bunch of features that can monitor all of these important vital signs on a compact unit with large colorful touch screen. The Bionet BM7 patient monitor is a great earn for your veterinary clinic with its features as well as its light and portable design backed buy a *lithium ion rechargeable battery (optional) for mobile use. The Bionet BM7 has a 12.1" large TFT color screen which allows easy reading and data entry with a smooth touch. Built-in thermal printer can document 3 waves of ecg readings. It is also capable to provide SpO2, EtCO2, NIBP, Resp, Temp, IBP, Anesthetic Gas  which some are standard and some are extendable optional features. The Bionet BM7 Veterinary Patient Monitor is offered with 4 years manufacturer's warranty- one of the longest warranty on equivalent devices available today. Bionet veterinary patient monitors are offered with full factory coverage and accessories, here....

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Brymill Family | Dermatology Practice Package for Cryosurgery

Brymill Family | Dermatology Practice
Cryosurgical Packages
Cryosurgery is a type of surgery that involves the use of extreme cold to destroy abnormal tissues, such as tumors. The surgery most often involves the use of liquid nitrogen, although carbon dioxide and argon may also be used. When liquid nitrogen has a temperature between -346 and -320°F, it instantly freezes nearly anything that’s in contact with it. In the case of human tissue, it can kill and destroy cells upon contact. This is important when the cells you want to kill are cancerous. Cryosurgery is typically used for tumors or precancerous lesions found on your skin. However, some tumors inside the body can be treated this way as well. Advances in cryosurgery technology have dramatically reduced the long-term side effects once associated with the treatment. More studies are needed on the long-term side effects and effectiveness of cryosurgery. Cryosurgery, also called cryotherapy, is similar to the technique used when doctors freeze off warts using liquid nitrogen spray. In order to perform a successful cryosurgery, a reliable equipment are essential instruments for physicians. Brymill Cryogenic Systems has been in business for more than 6 decades to manufacture high quality cryogenic equipment for professionals. Brymill CryAc is a globally known handheld liquid nitrogen sprayer with its compact and ergonomic design as well as with its various kinds of available accessories to handle all kind of cryotherapy applications both in medical and veterinary fields. Brymill also offers the industry's most advanced handheld liquid nitrogen sprayers with their recently launched product, the Brymill CryAc TrackerCAM, B910. The Brymill Cryac TrackerCAM not only is a simple handheld cryogun but also is able to monitor the skin temperature with the infrared technology as well as displaying and recording the procedure with its built-in camera and display system for future instructional use. Are you a new clinic that's intending to do cryosurgical procedures and looking to get cryosurgical equipment at an affordable price? Brymill is offering packages that are specially designed for the type of clinic you have with their family practice  or dermatology practice cryosurgical packages. You can find more details on Brymill cryosurgical equipment, here.

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Monday, January 4, 2016
IKA RV10 Basic Rotary Evaporator

IKA Rotary Evaporators

The rotary evaporator is a laboratory device that's designed to separate solvents by using the evaporation technique which has been invented by Lyman C. Craig, a chemical researcher, back in 1957. Buchi, a Swiss laboratory equipment company first manufactured the rotary evaporators as commercial lab equipment. In today's market, there are several major manufacturers of rotary evaporators such as Buchi, Eyela, IKA, Heidolph, Stuart, LabTech, etc. 

IKA, the German manufacturer of laboratory equipment makes one of the most advanced rotary evaporators in the world with their several different configurations available today. The most cost effective distillation package that IKA offers is the IKA RV8 series. They come with the integrated IKA HB10 water bath. The packages are designed both as a complete system with glassware or as the FLEX Package which are for labs that already have their glassware. The IKA RV10 Basic series have the same specifications as the RV8 but has a motor powered lift instead of manual. The RV10 Digital series have both motor powered lift as well as PC connectivity with the built in RS232 port for data transfer from the rotavap to the computer. The opposite direction rotation is available on the IKA RV10 basic and higher models for better distillation results. IKA RV10 Digital series rotary evaporators are fully integrated with the water bath and have the capability to digitally monitor the bath temperature and rotation speed and transfer this data to the PC with the RS232 port. 

The IKA RV10 CONTROL model rotary evaporators are the most advanced model distillation systems offered by IKA Works. The RV10 CONTROL has all the features that the previous models have as well as the complete integration with the IKA LabWorldSoft laboratory software. The RV10 Control also allows the user to monitor the vacuum pressure with the vacuum control integration feature for a complete solution for efficient distillation results... is an authorized IKA distributor where you can purchase these high quality equipment with full manufacturer's warranty with a free option of 3 additional years warranty when you register your equipment on To view the IKA Rotary Evaporators, please click here

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