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Saturday, February 1, 2014

This highly accurate digital non-contact tachometer is ideal for detecting distances of between 50 and 500 mm as well as for measuring RPM for anything from centrifuges to fans to motors -- or any machinery component that requires this service. The Ample Scientific TACH-S 2.5-99 999rpm 18 mm LCD Display Battery Powered Tachometer TACH-S is designed to measure between 2.5 and 99,999 RPM, spot-on within plus or minus 0.05 percent, offering a highly sensitive measurement reading for your needs. Users will appreciate the 18mm LCD display which illustrates one to five digits, with the ability to recall the last minimum and maximum values. This product requires the use of three AA batteries, which are included.

In addition to the Ample Scientific TACH-S tachometer, customers also receive the required amount of batteries, strip stickers that reflect for safety, screws that can be used to take the battery cover on and off, as well as a carrying case made of cloth and a user manual. Backed by a one-year warranty, this product is designed to detect speed occurring on virtually any centrifuge featuring a view port or machinery requiring rotations per minute readings. It can detect RPMs with a convenient light beam for an easy target. Users will appreciate the accommodating LCD display that makes it simple to read and analyze data. Its comfortable, ergonomic shape gives users a comfortable grip that is reassuring during operations. Device will alert the user when the batteries need to be replaced. It boasts a one year warranty.
The product's time base is comprised of a 6MGh crystal oscillator with a sampling time of eight seconds over 60 rotations per minute. Related accessories this products can be used in conjunction with include Ample Scientific centrifuges, microscopes and laboratory equipment. With a shipping weight of just 12.8 ounces, this lightweight yet durable product can withstand moderate to rigorous conditions. Often used as quality check tool in the field, this product has versatile applications that make it an ideal addition to any lab or shop.

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