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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The trend in electrosurgical generators in recent years has been one of increasing miniaturization coupled with increased functionality. The halcyon days of large, lamp-lit buttons selecting only cut, coagulate, or blend modes are long gone. In their place are a number of devices that deliver consistent power across varied tissue types while featuring dazzlingly complete user interfaces. The ConMed Hyfrecator 2000 high frequency electrosurgical generator, 7-900-115 is an excellent example of these impressive next generation machines.

The general theory of operation for any electrosurgical generator is the generation of extremely high voltages which are then shaped into a series of special purpose waveforms. These waveforms, which combine multiple frequencies, are then applied to the cutting electrode. At the same time, a return circuit is created by means of a large pad containing an electrode which is placed below the surgical site. Tissue in between the two electrodes is vaporized while blood vessels in this tissue are instantly cauterized. This ability to perform surgeries with dramatically decreased risk of blood loss is one of the primary advantages to these devices.

As distinct from the large and heavy duty O.R. units, the Conmed Hyfrecator 2000 high frequency electrosurgical generator, 7-900-115 is a physically small but very powerful unit intended for use in an outpatient setting. It is feature rich and capable of operating in monopolar and bipolar modes, delivering power in each of up to 35 watts. As an added convenience, this generator features an optional scaleable power transformer that can be used to match it to any commonly available line voltage.

The Hyfrecator 2000, as mentioned previously, packs industry-leading power into an impressively small form factor. The unit weighs a mere 6 pounds, and is only slightly larger than a common infusion pump or patient monitor. This compact size is a result of the Conmed Hyfrecator's high frequency of operation, which allows for the use of significantly smaller transformers to generate operating voltages.

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