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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Summit Non-display Handheld Fetal Doppler with Audio Recorder offers practitioners a convenient way to care for expectant women. The L150A operates on just 3 AA batteries, which makes it a cost-effective solution for portable use. With extended battery life, physicians and ultrasound technicians can rest assured knowing that the system will not stop working in the midst of examining a patient. This model comes with a full 2 year warranty, is highly durable and of the best quality for portable hand-held Doppler systems.

The superior sound quality of this hand-held Doppler is produced by a high fidelity speaker. This, along with the built-in recorder, allows practitioners to record and replay fetal sounds for diagnostic and other purposes.

At just 320 grams in weight, the Summit Non-display Handheld Fetal Doppler with Audio Recorder is easy to hold or can even be placed in a pocket. This system has dimensions of 140 x 70 x 35 mm.

The L150A comes with the practitioner's choice of probes. The probe choices include SD3 - 3 MHz Obstetrical Probe, SD2 - 2 MHz Obstetrical Probe, SDW - 2 MHz Waterproof Probe, SD8 - 8 MHz Vascular Probe, SD5 - 5 MHz Vascular Probe, SD4 - 4 MHz Vascular Probe or the STN - 8 MHz Sterilizable Probe with 7' straight cable. Obstetricians might want to select both obstetrical probes for the highest level of functionality and convenience.

The enhanced probe sensitivity decreases the amount of time that it takes a physician or technician to detect a fetal heartbeat or locate a blood vessel. The interchangeable capability of the probes makes this Doppler system easy to use in any type of medical setting. Users can replace the cables as needed for optimal functioning of the device.

Additional parts and accessories such as protective cases are also available for this Summit Doppler system.

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