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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Centrifuges are necessary for a variety of professionals and are commonly used in laboratories, medical facilities and other industries to separate suspended material from the mediums that they are mixed with. The way that centrifuges do this is by spinning the tubes at a high rate of speed around a fixed, central point. This generates a centrifugal force that forces the denser material in the tubes against the walls of the tubes, separating it from the solution. An example of a practical usage of these is when they are used to separate plasma from blood samples.

The Ample Scientific Champion Variable Speed Digital Large Capacity Centrifuge w/Swing Rotor 5000 RPM L-50 is a centrifuge that is multi-function and can be used for test tubes with capacities from 500 ml to 7 ml. Its swing rotor has space enough for four test tubes, but there are four more swing rotors that are optional for this centrifuge. It also features a ventilation system that is a vortex and keeps the centrifuge chamber cool so that it protects the samples.

This particular centrifuge also features an LED display that is large and easy to read. It shows everything from the speed, time left, rotor installed, open and close status of the lid and "in operation" or "not in operation" status of the centrifuge. This centrifuge is relatively quiet when it’s in use. It operates quieter than 70dB when it is at its maximum speed setting. The lid on the centrifuge is programmed to automatically unlock when the rotor comes to a complete stop, and it’s safe to open the lid. The safety lock feature on the machine prevents it from being opened while it’s in operation. It also features a timer that can be set for up to 120 minutes.

It is important for a centrifuge to have a large suction as well, which this one does to offer stability and smoothness throughout its operation. Additionally, it features a self-protection mechanism that prevents it from over-heating. This centrifuge is perfect for separating the materials within a test tube so that they can be analyzed and is an ideal solution for any laboratory in need of a centrifuge. 

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