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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Those who are interested in getting a great test tube rocker that will keep their tubes safe and is easy to use should try the Ample Scientific 15 test tube rocker. It provides gentle movements that will ensure that the contents of the test tube are mixed uniformly and completely. This also offers easy access to the test tubes and it allows them to be taken in and out without having to actually turn off the rocker. This makes it a convenient and easy way to get this work done.

This is a high quality test tube rocker that has great rubber cushions that will keep the test tubes safe, and the test tubes won't slip around in it either. The TR16 also is operates very quietly, so it won't be annoying while other tasks are being performed. It is steady, and it will get the job done efficiently. It has a great capacity, as it is able to hold up to 15 tubes. It is easy to use, and it has all of the best features that allow it to get the job done the right way. This allows for the mixing of many tubes as one time, and it is easy to switch the tubes while the rocker is still in use.

With the Ample Scientific 15 test tube rocker there is a one year warranty, which provides protection for those who want to get this great product. Don't worry about anything, just use this to get the contents mixed. It runs at a steady speed of 24 rpm, and it is gentle enough that it will mix things at a good pace. Don't worry about breaking any tubes, or having to turn off the rocker in order to exchange tubes. This is a durable rocker, and it will thoroughly mix quietly and at a steady pace. The quality design will meet or exceed any need.

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