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Thursday, January 2, 2014

At long last, the next wave in electrocardiography is finally here. The Biocare 3 Channel Electrocardiograph (ECG) with a high brightness LCD screen is here. This model proves its worth as a medical device by utilizing a 5.7" full LCD screen with adjustable contrast, a LAN port to make data processing even easier, and an optional SD card slot to make compatibility issues a thing of the past.

The high brightness screen and quality printouts of the ECG machine makes reading wave forms a simple task. While printouts are great for confirming measurements, they can consume a lot of power, which is why the economy mode is great for helping to save on printing costs. The ECG machine also provides users with a 1 year manufacturers warranty so that you're guaranteed a working product.

The form factor of this machine also contributes to its functionality. The shuttle design allows the ECG machine to be unobtrusive in most medical environments, while the silicon buttons resist wearing and are easy to manipulate. The product comes with electrodes for attaching to patients' chest and limbs, a ground wire, a European standard power supply, a battery, and a 12 lead banana plug ECG cable. All of this ensures the ECG machine is ready to go out of the box, without having to purchase any additional accessories before use.

The data processing makes sure the most accurate data available is produced for your patients. A LAN port means transmission is extremely quick, while the option for an SD port allows compatibility for data transfer with any current laptop or desktop computer.

All of these features come together in this cutting edge medical technology that will revolutionize your office's ECG capabilities. By purchasing the Biocare 3 Channel ECG today, you are ensuring your patients a brighter tomorrow.

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