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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

German professional diagnostics manufacturer Riester produces the Riester Integrated Modular Diagnostic Station System under its ri-former brand. True to its name, this device is designed as a diagnostic station, suitable for use at any of a variety of healthcare workplaces—from hospitals and community care centers to physicians’ offices and home care facilities.

A wall-mounted device, the Riester Station System allows you to extend to the right and the left. The basic version comes with one handle; however, you can supplement it with up to four additional handle modules. With its centralized electrical power supply rated at 3.5V/120V, the station gets rid of the need for batteries or rechargeable ones.

The Riester Integrated Modular Diagnostic Station System comes with a healthy array of features to enhance its use in hospitals and medical facilities. The unit comes with a non-slip, ergonomically designed handles which you can adjust for brightness; you also have the choice of going for the on-or-off manual switch. The diagnostic system comes with anti-theft protection, thus ensuring that all your instruments stay where you keep them. And the unit is ideally designed for easy cleaning and disinfection of the instruments.

Riester offers three module configurations to choose from. The best-selling one is the 3653-300.300.1L, which, in addition to its dual handles, comes with an otoscope (instrument for examining the ears) and ophthalmoscope (instrument for examining the eyes)—each with a 3.5V XL light and “L1” designation. The 3653-300.300.3L module configuration, switches the light on the otoscope with a 3.5V LED and includes universal speculas. Morever, both otoscope and ophthalmoscope are designated as “L2.” With the top-tier 3653-300.300.5L—which bears the “L3” designation—the otoscope has an additional eject button with the paired Riester-brand speculas.

Backed with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Riester Diagnostic Station System is packaged with the plate, plugs, screws, and assembly plan necessary for wall mounting the unit. As of December 2013, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $698.09. However, that price can climb with the addition of certain features. Examples include a blood pressure monitor ($93.68) and thermometer module ($97.28). You can also get a pack of disposable thermometer probe covers ($28 for a hundred for them, $55 for a thousand) or a specular dispenser module ($33.63). Be sure to check the online specials!

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