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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Riester Ri Derma Dermascope w/3.5V LED Illumination with C Battery Handle allows physicians to diagnose and treat skin cancer during the earliest stages, through dermatoscopic screening and early detection of malignant melanoma, a deadly form of cancer. Because epiluminescence microscopy helps doctors distinguish between melanocytic and non-melanocytic structures, this device allows for exact observation of skin pigmentation changes. Resembling natural daylight, 3.5-V LED illumination allows for better viewing of the exam field.

Features include 10-fold magnification with focusing achromatic lens and availability of contact plates that are skin-friendly with the ability to be sterilized. Product enables scale from 0 – 10 mm for exact measurements of lesions. Bulbs can easily be replaced on instrument head, with a durable dust proof casing featuring black metal that is plated in chrome. With eyeglass protection, practical chargers, and bayonet fitting, user can securely attach the head to the stable handle. A variety of power sources offers added convenience, all with the ability to combine with the full line of Riester ri-scope. This product is made in Germany and comes with a two-year warranty.

Users receive a package complete with two sterilize-safe contact plates, both with and without scaling, a hard case for storage, a Type C battery handle taking two lithium batteries, and a LED 3,5 V Dermascope Head. The Riester Ri Derma Dermascope w/3.5V LED Illumination with Battery Handle is available via dropship from the manufacturer.

With the rise in skin cancer rates each year, it's especially important to catch signs and symptoms very early on to achieve the highest cure rates possible. This product can assist physicians in screening patients for changes in skin pigmentation to catch malignant melanoma, the deadliest of all skin cancers, early on. With illumination capabilities similar to daylight, doctors can better see the field in which they are working. This tool is designed for dermatologists, surgeons and physicians. If you have the need for such an instrument, you should see the difference!

by: getMedOnline


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