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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Next to buying a house or a car, fine jewelry is one of the largest investments that people take seriously. Jewelry is something that speaks to the personal style and taste of it's investor. Fine watches can cost $10,000 or more, especially if adorned with diamonds or are made of precious metals such as platinum. Many people who can afford to buy fine jewelry are also collectors of the same. Jewelry is an investment that rarely depreciates in value. So the question is; what type of maintenance does owning such a fine collection of jewelry entail?

There are several ways to clean fine jewelry. The method which is best, might depend on the type of jewelry that is being cleaned. There are commercial liquid products for home use, there are recipes for homemade jewelry cleaners, and there are professional jewelry cleaners. Using commercial liquid products and homemade recipes are good for fine jewelry owners who have a few pieces of jewelry that they wear quite regularly and clean them every so often.

Sometimes, a woman likes to look down at her hand and gaze upon the sparkle of a recently cleaned diamond. It will bring back memories of the first time she ever laid eyes on that sparkling diamond, and what was going on in the atmosphere when she received that particular piece of jewelry. That is the type of emotion that recently cleaned jewelry will evoke in a person. Jewelers know the importance of sparkling jewels. Like any smart business person, they'll do what they can to make that knowledge work for them. Many jewelers use a Sharpertek jewelry cleaner to make sure that the fine jewelry that they sell or service is impeccable in appearance. The portable steam jewelry cleaning machine uses no harsh chemicals and is safe for use in a clients home, as well as at the store. Because the cleaning machine stores heat, there is no pressure build up. It creates the steam by drawing water from a detachable container of distilled water, and then converting it for instant use on the jewelry. The jet steam is dispensed from the machine in a powerful stream of hot steam, it is able to remove dirt and grime from very tight spots.

The steam cleaning process is very simple. Use of the hand held basket allows multiple pieces of jewelry can be cleaned at one time. For an individual and detail cleaning of a certain piece of jewelry, tweezers can be used so that the positioning of the item can be specialized. Jewelers who use the Sharpertek jewelry cleaner love its ease of use. The steam disbursement is controlled by the jeweler with the use of a foot pedal. This safety feature helps to ensure that the Sharpertek Jewelry Cleaner has no accidental steam release from the machine. The portable unit is very compact and ergonomically designed. Anyone with fine jewelry would be proud to own a tool of this caliber.

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