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Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Bionet Fetal Monitors

Peace of mind during pregnancy is essential. Bionet Fetal Monitors are more than exceptional products. Though these are mostly used in health care offices private owners are buying them more and more often to check in on their little bundles and monitoring their well being from home.

Bionet Fetal Monitors come in two main designs. There are the FC700 and the TwinView FC1400. Bionet Fetal Monitors are dependable and high tech to ensure the results are the best. You can have peace of mind at home with the same dependable medical equipment used at the doctors office.

The FC700 is a great piece of technology combining high functionality with extreme user friendliness. It allows medical professionals or parents to be, to get a comprehensive assessment of the little one to come. These are used to monitor single fetuses. For multiple fetuses the TwinView is the best and most reliable option.

The single view, FC700, is equipped with a very distinctive display and digital LED light. Visibility is optimal. It also has a convenient carrying handle for easy on the go monitoring. There is an alarm function, and this device is highly sensitive. It detects fetal movement flawlessly and it also has an auto record option. It is easy to upgrade when upgrades are available.

Twin births are exceptionally high risk, and things can change in an instant. Having the stress alone from concern over your babies’ well being is enough to induce early labor. When you have monitoring abilities it can ease the mother to be, and in the long ruin it will enhance a healthier less stressful pregnancy. That alone is worth the cost of the product. These monitors will also reduce doctor’s visits, which can be detrimental to later pregnancies expecting multiple births.

The TwinView FC1400 is made to detect and monitor double fetuses. It monitors uterine activity and the babies in real time on a high tech and dependable color LCD monitor. It is an excellent device that monitors dual heartbeats individually and in real time.

This is a professional piece of machinery that can be privately purchased. You are able to print out up to 12 hours of stored data easily, and speaking of easy, the user friendliness of this product is exceptional.

You can count on accuracy and dependability from the TwinView. You also have the option of purchasing a carrying bag for ease of transport purposes. So, whether you are making house calls or just monitoring your baby until birth you can count on Bionet Monitors to offer you extremely accurate, real time data for added peace of mind and healthier baby's at birth.

Don't hesitate when it comes to the health of your child, your patients and the babies that will lead tomorrow’s world. Having a Bionet Fetal Monitor is the best way to know without a doubt that all is well.

by: getMedOnline


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