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Monday, December 2, 2013

Since 1932, The Drucker Company has had a tradition of producing quality, high-performance centrifuges. The company’s dedication to exceptional engineering, outstanding craftsmanship and hard work has resulted in state-of-the-art centrifuge designs.

The Drucker Horizon 6x5-15ml 1000-3900 RPM Variable Speed Angled Rotor Centrifuge continues in this tradition. The 642VES-Fixed Angle is a versatile centrifuge which can be used in hospitals, blood banks and physicians’ offices for a wide variety of tests from blood separation to fertility and urine testing. Its small foot print 11 inches X 12.5 inches, takes up less than one square foot of counter space and makes it perfect for a doctor’s office or a small laboratory.

The 642VES has the capacity to hold six test tubes up to 17mm x 100mm on the horizontal setting. At the fixed angle setting, it can handle six test tubes up to 17mm x 125mm. There is an optional tube holder which can take test tubes up to 125mm.

The digital display has a scrollable time selection up to 99 minutes. It shows both the time set and the time remaining. An audible indicator sounds when the rotor has stopped.

The brushless AC motor on the 642VES makes for a quiet and smooth-running operation. There is a unique stability mount that practically eliminates vibrations, even when the load is out of balance. The specially designed rotation chamber and motor housing maintain a cool operation, even under heavy workloads.

Loading the test tubes is easy with the 642VES. It has a unique rotor design that allows the insertion of the test tubes at a convenient 45 degree angle. The test tubes then gently rotate to a full horizontal position as the motor accelerates.

An automatic lid lock prevents the centrifuge from running when the lid is open. A solid mechanical latch prevents debris from escaping in the case of an accident or breakage. The clear lid allows secure observation of the sample during operation.

The Drucker Centrifuge is an outstanding addition to any medical facility with such a need.

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