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Friday, December 6, 2013

The storage of tissue samples requires the use of a top-quality freezer unit. Many of the carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen freezers in use today are outdated because they do not offer a rapid-freeze chamber. The Scilogex Bright Clini-RF Rapid Specimen Freezer is a smaller-sized unit that boasts incredibly fast temperature drop, offers a greater measure of safety, and comes with two separate freezing chambers.

Lightweight, Sturdy, And Dependable
The Bright Clini-RF has two compressors, the largest measuring just 1 X 15cc in total size. The cabinet is approximately 40 inches in height, 18 inches in width, and 20 inches in depth. The freezer dimensions are 10.8 X 5.4 inches, and the larger freeze chamber measures 10.8 inches in diameter.

The lower chamber can be filled with 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid HFE-7100 coolant, the most environmentally friendly compound in use today. The upper chamber has an ambient cooling system that holds steady at -40°C, and the rapid-freeze lower chamber can be chilled to -80°C. Typical tissue cooling rate is approximately 0.5°C/second.

Perfect For Snap-Freezing of Tissue Samples
The most common concern for medical doctors taking a biopsy or other tissue sample is the degradation of organic matter during the initial freezing phase. The Bright Clini-RF unit's lower chamber is perfect for these rapid-freeze procedures. An aluminum block can be inserted and then a specimen holder can be attached.

The unit can be fitted with a 7-day timing system that adjusts to increase or decrease temperature. A standby mode can be selected when the unit is not in use, and the timer can be programmed to begin the rapid cooling process at the start of the work day. The actual cooling time from ambient temperature to lowest holding temperature in the upper chamber is 60 minutes.

The Scilogex Bright Clini-RF Rapid Specimen Freezer comes with embedding compound, aluminum heat-sink block, block removal tool, object holder, and spare fuses. It is one of the quietest operating freezer units available and is a true energy saver. The model can be ordered with an alternate interior configuration that includes a rapid-freeze evaporator coil built into a cooling block in the lower chamber.
Rest assured, this is a superior product.

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