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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Surgeons need a dependable high-intensity light source when performing delicate medical procedures. When in the field or during emergency surgical operations, a powerful headlamp that works on battery power is an invaluable tool. Cool-View has developed one of the most advanced LED surgical headlights in the industry. The Cool View 1400XL LED Surgical Headlight w/Battery Pack delivers a powerful light beam that is equivalent to sunlight, and it operates on a rechargeable battery that fits comfortably on the surgeon's work belt.

An Advanced Design
The 1400XL was designed to eliminate the need for a plug-in headlight. This model uses a rapid-charge battery and a virtually unbreakable bulb head. The LED bulbs have a remarkable 50,000-hour life expectancy and deliver light at 6,500 optical color temperatures. The entire headset assembly weights less than four ounces.

Unlike xenon headlamps, the 1400XL model produces no heat, making for a more comfortable and safe experience for the patient. Other models produce enough low-level radiation to cause moderate tissue degradation. Cool-View has solved this problem by producing a model with a 140,000 LUX output at 14 inches without heat radiation from the lamp. The total weight of the unit including battery and cables is less than 12 ounces.

Perfect for Use in the Field
Many of the surgical headlight models currently in use require an AC adapter and wall outlet plug-in. This is often not an alternative when working in an outdoor triage setting or in a mobile emergency response health unit. Cool-View understands the need for lightweight, battery-powered surgical lighting that produces a powerful beam without the requirement of a plug-in cord.

Military doctors are thrilled at the capabilities of the Cool View 1400XL LED Surgical Headlight w/Battery Pack. There is no bulb maintenance or fiber optic cable replacement needed with this model. Hospitals also benefit from the use of LED models because of the energy cost savings. The initial cost of Cool-View surgical headlights is more than offset by the resulting lower electrical bills.

This model comes with a full 5-year manufacturer's warranty and is guaranteed against damage from high impacts. Any required maintenance that comes under warranty protection can be initialized overnight because the manufacturer offers immediate shipping service for repairs.

The Cool View 1400XL is ahead of the rest, as you can see.

by: getMedOnline


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