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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

For babies, infants, and children who need blood pressure monitoring, accuracy and comfort are at a premium. The accuracy is obvious, but a sphygmomanometer that is uncomfortable on a child's arm may produce unreliable readings if the child is squirming or otherwise manipulating the cuff. When only the best will do, consider the Riester Babyphon Aneroid Sphygmomanometer w/3 Pediatric Cuffs.

This sphygmomanometer features hardened inner workings that make the manometer mechanism durable and accurate. The valve portion of the sphygmomanometer is highly sensitive, allowing for the most minimal amount of air to pass through. This provides the ability to get extremely precise readings, which are crucial when collecting blood pressure readings from the very young.

In addition to the top-grade inner workings of the Babyphon, the three pediatric cuffs ensure that the readings are always exact. A cuff that is too large or too small can produce inaccurate readings. Having three different sizes that range from newborn size to young child allows trustworthy readings at every stage of childhood.

In many cases, small children are unable to describe symptoms that are being experienced, so it is vital to have a source of medical information that is not reliant upon the ability of the patient to report. Potentially life-threatening conditions such as heart or kidney failure are not always easy to spot in children. The Babyphon will let pediatricians and parents alike rest easy in the knowledge that the blood pressure readings are dependable.

There's no reason to worry about blood pressure readings in children with the Riester Babyphon Aneroid Sphygmomanometer w/3 Pediatric Cuffs available. It is an essential piece of equipment for any pediatric office or the parent whose child needs frequent blood pressure monitoring. Don't risk inaccurate readings with a cheap sphygmomanometer. Choose the Riester Babyphon for a true hospital-quality instrument.

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