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Thursday, December 12, 2013

A diagnostic set is perhaps one of the most important sets of equipment that a veterinarian will ever own. It is the go-to equipment set, and is used for almost every single animal that ends up on the examination table. Because of the major importance of a diagnostic set, it imperative to do the research and understand what makes these tools good ones. Among the top choices for diagnostic sets is the Riester Vet de Luxe I Veterinary Diagnostic Set w/3.5 V XL Illumination.

The highlights of this diagnostic set are the extra large 3.5 volt and 120 volt xenon lamps, plug in handle with rheostat, ri-scope otoscope, ophthalmoscope, nasal speculum as well a slotted metal speculum. Most veterinarians will find that these are standard in a diagnostic set, but the double lamps with multiple volts offer more flexibility and power than most diagnostic sets. On top of that, (and perhaps the most promising aspect of this set) is that it contains a rechargeable battery for multiple or larger animals. There is nothing more detrimental than losing power while you are diagnosing or treating an animal.

A good veterinarian knows quality equipment when they see it, and each tool bundled in this set is durable, and vital to a successful diagnosis. Made to top German standards and manufactured by the renowned Riester cooperation, these tools are long-lasting and precise. Riester considered the versatility needed when they created this kit. The heads are interchangeable which means that time is saved rather than wasted when changing from tool to tool. As most veterinarians know, time is precious when it comes to diagnosing and treating animals.

The Riester Vet de Luxe I Veterinary Diagnostic Set w/3.5 V XL Illumination is geared towards large animals and comes in a hard case which latches shut to ensure safe transport. The inside case also contains reservoirs where each piece of equipment can be safely stored and accurately selected with minimal searching.

Veterinary professionals everywhere are choosing  Riester...see why!

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