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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Branson M1800 0.5 Gal. Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner w/60 Minute Mechanical Timer, model number CPX-952-116R, provides precision ultrasonic bath technology with an affordable price tag. Consumers from a wide range of professions and interests can enjoy the benefits of this reliable and user-friendly small component cleaner with applications in medical and dental, optics, jewelry, electronics, and light industry fields. As with other Branson cleaners, the M1800 is also a versatile utility for laboratory work that users can employ in sample preparation, cell separation and liquid degassing.

The M1800 acts as a replacement for Branson's 1510 model and it carries the distinction of being the most compact model in Branson's tabletop cleaner line. Its half-gallon, 6-by-5.5-by-4-inch tank is made of stainless steel and suited well to cleaning smaller components. Trays, baskets, beaker covers and other accessories to help with specialized jobs are sold separately. A pour drain is built into the half-gallon model for maximum convenience in the removal of runoff. Its sturdy transducers emit at 40Khz to loosen up foreign matter, and it uses sweep frequency technology to allow cavitation to continue smoothly by eliminating standing waves that can lead to inconsistent cleaning and even damage to parts made from softer metals.

Controls for the M1800 are fully analog, with a tower-mounted timer elevated above and behind the tank along with the power switch to protect them from damaging contact with cleaning solutions. The dial can be turned clockwise to manually clean for up to 60 minutes or it can be turned counterclockwise to begin a continuous cleaning cycle for longer jobs. All of these components and features are housed within a durable plastic frame built for high resistance to chemicals.

Products from Branson have a record of reliability, resilience and overall quality, and the Branson M1800 0.5 Gal. Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner w/60 Minute Mechanical Timer upholds that reputation while accommodating a lighter budget.

Reliabilty, durability, and cost effective...that's difficult to beat!

by: getMedOnline


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