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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Liquid nitrogen is an element that is used for treatment and cosmetic surgery (known as cryosurgery) for complications such as trichiasis, solar lentigo, molluscum contagiosum and many other problems which are major types of skin lesions. Compared with the traditional methodologies that involved the application with cotton dipped stick, the modern technique is more convenient. It is based on the implementation of the liquid nitrogen spray method. Hence when the medical authorities buy equipment to spray liquid nitrogen they look for the product details and specifications with the packaging date and other information on the label.

The liquid Nitrogen spray equipment enhances the storage of the liquid at -196 degrees Centigrade. This is not possible if liquid is applied with a swab that has a temperature of -20 degrees Centigrade. These products are sold only after several quality and safety checks have been performed. There are some factors that require attention while purchasing the equipment so that the patients do not suffer at any point of the ongoing surgery.

Features of the Product: Features can vary from one product to the other. Some sprayers have features like infrared sensors and a temperature tracker that can measure the temperature of the skin while spraying the liquid nitrogen. This kind of tracker can also calculate the point at which the requisite freezing temperature of the liquid is available. This is indicated by color coded lighting. The digital measurement display makes it easy to observe the readings. The equipment does not have to bear a famous tag or higher price range. But before selecting the brand always look for the user reviews to ensure selecting the right product that functions smoothly and efficiently.

Equipment Size: It is always necessary to understand and look for the size and weight needed for your prescribed treatment before deciding to buy equipment to spray liquid nitrogen. These nitrogen sprayers are available in different sizes so that doctors can pick smaller ones for hand spraying purposes.

Warranty and Replacement: The warranty and/or replacement of the liquid Nitrogen spraying equipment is important. Be absolutely sure that the company stands behind their product. There are several small parts and accessory attachments such as screws, relief valve and the spray tube that can also get damaged and may require servicing. Many companies offer convenient service locations. Often companies that sell tools and storage equipment for liquid oxygen also sell the necessary apparatus.

Always follow your doctors’ recommendations and remember the common goal…your health!

by: getMedOnline


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