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Saturday, October 5, 2013
Mention the word colposcope, and most women will cringe. Thinking about this device immediately triggers mental images, and some past experiences, of trips to a Gynecologic specialist. If women rediscover the luxury of having access to such equipment in comparison with old-style alternatives, they will replace the cringe with a “Phew!”

Modern women who take a routine approach to their sexual health really only have to worry about two things. First, is the fear of possibly having internal, precancerous lesions. Second, is contact with a cold instrument. Compared to the past, modern women are really very lucky. Understanding the body and developing better medical devices are intimately co-related. A high-powered colposcope is a prime example of beneficial medical device evolution.

Less than a century ago, there were no instruments like Wallach Colposcopes. It has only been a few decades since this invention has been refined enough to be effective in a large percentage of the female population. Before the colposcope, invasive exploration with potentially harmful devices was used. With state-of-the-art colposcopes, the most minute details of hidden areas can be located, magnified, diagnosed and treated with little or no discomfort and pain.

In the not-so-distant past, women would have to worry needlessly about anything feeling strange in their bodies. Once pain and symptoms became too great to handle, Gynecologic exploration was initiated. This monitoring made symptoms worse and was often too late to reverse certain conditions. Before ultra-modern medical equipment like Wallach Colposcopes, the vast majority of Gynecologist visits were bad news, or a death sentence. Colposcopes make all forms of early detection and regular thorough examination easy and almost completely without risk.

Wallach Colposcopes make dorsal position examination very quick, painless and as non-compromising as possible. They use powerful LED and halogen lighting systems, powerful magnifiers, and smooth, super-thin tools. They are made even more effective with the application of highlighting liquid solutions, cameras and sturdy wheelbases. Wheels seem moot but, in the past women had to come to the device instead of the device being mobile and set up wherever is most comfortable.

In the entire realm of women's health, the colposcope should be regarded with the same amount of reverence as inventions like indoor plumbing, vaccines, wireless communication and Pilates. Compared with their counterparts in the past, women today are much more privileged because of sophisticated diagnostic devices. Be thankful next time you visit the Gynecologist and rediscover how simple your check up turns out to be!

by: getMedOnline


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