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Thursday, September 19, 2013
Riester's 65 years of pursuing a philosophy of quality shows in the Reister laryngoscope. When setting internal guidelines, Reister reviews industry guidelines and sets out to exceed them, which has allowed them to maintain ISO 9001 standards for over 15 years. Always mindful of the intimate interactions between their instruments and the doctors and patients that rely on them, Riester takes exceptional means to ensure that their laryngoscopes fulfill their functions as efficiently and unobtrusively as possible. In an application where millimeters count, Riester has spent countless hours refining the design of its instruments. The research and development department works hand in hand with medical professionals at government research centers and university hospitals to design and refine the tools it provides.

Whether your blade preference is Macintosh or Miller, a Riester laryngoscope that fits your need is available. They offer standard, fiber optic and disposable versions of their blades in a full range of sizes all the way from neonatal up to large adult. To ensure their blades maximize and maintain their usability, all of their blades are made to be compatible with any manufacturer's handle which adheres to ISO 7376 specifications.

Both fiber optic and standard Riester laryngoscopes which are intended for re-use have been designed and tested to ensure that they can withstand the rigors of sterilization. The blades have been exactingly made and tested to withstand the severe temperatures of autoclaving for multiple cycles. The materials used are of the highest quality from suppliers who have been worked with Riester and demonstrated their complete reliability. The design and construction of the blades was done with ease of sterilization in mind. The shape and specially treated surface work exceptionally well at ensuring safety.

The quality of the fiber optics is second to none and the same demanding standards that Riester applies to every other aspect of its instruments is applied to fiber as well. A generous fiber 17.3 millimeter optic cross section optimizes the amount of transmitted light for the best possible clarity.

Macintosh and Miller blades have both been made to exacting tolerances to achieve the perfect shape for providing visibility and insertion. The standard and fiber optic blades are made to be easily exchanged between a wide choice of power sources and are completely interchangeable. The handles and blades can be ordered separately in whatever quantities are needed to maximize cost effectiveness, and both hard and soft cases which hold up to five blades along with a handle keep inventory well ordered and in place.     

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