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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Electro-surgery is the use of a high-frequency electrical current to cut, fulgurate, desiccate or coagulate organic tissue. Electrosurgical devices create meticulous cuts with little blood loss, and are used during surgery in operating rooms. This method incorporates an electrosurgical generator and hand-piece that heats the tissue using an electric current. Electro-surgery is frequently used for gynecological operations, as well as in dermatological, cardiac, ocular, plastic, and neurological procedures. The popularity of electrosurgical devices soared over the past several years with many manufacturing companies producing these popular surgical instruments.
Wallach Surgical Device, Inc. is a privately run company created in 1980. The corporation is established in Trumbull, Connecticut and designs and manufactures therapeutic and diagnostic equipment for women’s health, especially for gynecology, obstetrics and infertility. Wallach Surgical Device, Inc. creates safe, economical and high-quality medical apparatuses such as colposcopes, and cryosurgical systems. They also manufacture specula biopsy instruments, electrosurgical products and products for pain management.

Two prominent Wallach electrosurgical devices are generators and smoke evacuators. The Wallach Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical Generator is a microprocessor controlled generator that monitors the output of power for a smoother, drag-free cut. The generator contains a coagulation mode for post-excision. This mode provides an effective spray fulguration that can seal the tissue without contact.
The Wallach Biovac Universal Electrosurgical Smoke Evacuator effectively eliminates airborne vapor, which may encompass dangerous viruses and microbes. The advanced motor, accompanied with an elaborate disposable filter, can capture and filter particles as small as 0.02 microns. The smoke evacuator comes with accessories that are compatible with other smoke evacuators. These include a filter assembly, disposable straws as well as disposable tubing. Wallach offers an affordable deal with the Wallach Quantum 2000 Electrosurgical Complete System which includes both the generator and smoke evacuator at a price lower than the systems purchased separately.
Additional Wallach electrosurgical devices include coated instruments such as speculums, retractors and hooks that are constructed with precision by expert European craftsmen. Wallach Surgical Device, Inc. not only designs and manufactures certain types of surgical instruments, but provides an array of choices for specific implements. For example, curettes come in a variety of styles such as Townsend, London, Novak, as well as with or without baskets. They manufacture forceps in Burke, baggish, and baby or mini Tischler styles.

Wallach electrosurgical devices are state-of-the-art surgical equipment of the utmost quality. The innovative designs and manufacturing techniques provide medical personnel with reliable and safe surgical paraphernalia.    l

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