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Monday, September 23, 2013
Hamilton Bell is one of the largest medical supply providers in the world, serving biological and chemical science endeavors since 1948. They are one of the leading suppliers in special science equipment and accessories such as aprons, lab attire, gloves, safety goggles and the main distributor of centrifuge technology, promoting the most advanced designs to date.

The Hamilton Bell centrifuge is a rotating piece of laboratory equipment. They hold two or more rotors inside and several wells where tubular vials and centrifuge entry tubes are placed within. The centripetal acceleration causes heavier substances along the bottom of the entry tubes to separate, leaving lighter objects to float to the top of the entry tubes. They can separate isotopes and provide the technology usage in nuclear weapon programs.

There are several different types of centrifuges such as the ultra-centrifuges, haematocrit and gas centrifuges. The ultra-centrifuges are popular in the microbiology field and typically operate on a high speed rotor. Haematocrit centrifuges are used to measure red and white blood cell count percentages.

The specific Hamilton Bell centrifuge is more widely used for medical purposes and can be found in most medical facilities such as hospitals, physicians' offices and clinical laboratories. It is a six gauge rotor unit with a consistent speed and is small in size. The rotor is covered with a lifetime warranty, automatic shutdown when equipment is not in use, welcoming to specimen analysis with low temperature gauges and hardened aluminum shields. These specifications in the centrifuge are built and enabled for long term use, precise performance and reliability.

There are many practical uses for centrifuges, especially the ones distributed by Hamilton Bell. Centrifuges are commonly used in the food industry to separate sugar crystals from specific substances. Other centrifuges are used for washing and drying clothing when attached to a water outlet, separating fat and protein from milk products. They are active in the oil industry aiding the elimination of solids and waste in drilling fluid and also to assist in the restoration of drinking water from waste-water. Centrifuges are one of the key components in Walt Disney World's EPCOT center posing as a main attraction in a space travel simulation.

When operating the centrifuge, you will need to keep the equipment unplugged from electricity when cleaning or repairing. Always utilize basic lab attire and protective equipment for appropriate protection. Avoid the use of strong and abrasive cleaners and use a disinfecting cleaning agent that will neutralize and eliminate the growth of microorganism pathogens.

The centrifuge is one of the most sought after medical lab supplies and most resourceful pieces of hardware in the world of science and technology providing a variety of medical and practical uses. It is a necessary piece of equipment in any thriving medical or scientific facility. Hamilton Bell will forever be known to provide the most state of the art clinical supplies and reflects that quality assurance with their efficient centrifuges.

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refrigerated centrifuge are now widely used commonly

September 25, 2013 at 2:55 AM  

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