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Thursday, October 3, 2013
Looking for the best laboratory mixing equipment for containers? Look no further because Benchmark scientific test tube rockers and rollers are the most ideal and guarantee you the best results.

Choosing the equipment will not only make your mixing work much easier, but can also enhance precision and accuracy. In fact, they can also save you time when it comes to mixing different fluids. This is because they operate at very fast speeds. However, it is important that you also get hands-on information on the way they operate before acquiring these scientific test tube rockers and rollers.

How They Work

Benchmark Scientific Test Tube Rockers and Rollers are specifically designed to assist in thorough mixing of various containers including roller bottles and test tubes for blood collection among others. The rollers and rockers work in a gentle manner to always ensure that you get the desired results.

However, it should also be noted that they operate at given speeds. The optimum speed for the tilting rollers and rockers is 38 RPM, the recommended speed for most mixing operations.

When the Benchmark Scientific Test Tube Rockers and Rollers are in operation, they make quite a number of revolutions in order to ensure that mixing is done properly. In every revolution, the mechanism of the rollers gently elevates the right side of every roller at 13 mm thereby causing an effect that agitates an even mixing of the samples used. This works far better and faster compared to stationary rollers. Besides, these rockers and rollers are also very safe to use since all the samples are mixed according to your needs thereby ensuring accurate results.

Scientific rockers and rollers for test tubes operate very smoothly and this is displayed in the way they perform tilt actions. When mixing using the equipment, it is very important to note that they are recommended for bottles or tubes that have diameters ranging between 8 to200mm. There are several different models offered, based on specific mixing needs that you may have.

Benchmark Scientific test tube rockers and rollers are ideal mixing apparatus for researchers, doctors and clinical laboratories.

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