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Saturday, September 21, 2013
Brymill cryogenic systems are a valuable asset to any medical or veterinary practice, and are also frequently used in industrial processes, as well. Cryogenics rely on the use of liquid nitrogen, applied as a hand held spray for effective and pinpoint accuracy across all applications.

For medical purposes, liquid nitrogen is sprayed directly on skin blemishes to remove them. It can be effectively used to remove many types of common skin lesions, including skin tags, warts, papilloma, basal cell carcinoma, age spots and keratoses, among others.

Liquid nitrogen freezes the offending blemish, causing it to die and dry up. Liquid nitrogen leaves fewer scars as a result of lesion removal than any other past or presently available method. There is also very little bleeding, and no unpleasant odors. The liquid nitrogen is applied to the specific area needed via a handheld gun, allowing for pinpoint accuracy in placing the medium only where it needs to be.

Cryogenic systems are not only extremely effective, but very easy to use. The handheld apparatus for application is available in a number of sizes to fit any size hand, making it ergonomic and comfortable to use. This provides a great advantage for dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons who are performing facial procedures, or any lengthy procedure.

Brymill cryogenic systems are used in the electronics industry when printed circuit boards need to be repaired, tested or recycled with processes that utilize liquid nitrogen. Because these items are generally very small, the use of an accurate spray is vital to the repair process.

Carbide tool bits which are used in the fabrication of printed circuit boards must be tempered and the industry is increasingly using cryogenics as part of the tempering process. New developments are happening every day, and new uses are being found for liquid nitrogen.

Cryosurgery and use of liquid nitrogen in industry are not new techniques, having been used for decades. What is new, are the latest in delivery and application methods which allow far greater control over the process than ever before, and prevent the unnecessary waste of expensive liquid nitrogen.

Cryogenic systems are available in a number of convenient sizes designed to perfectly fit your specific needs. There are also some fantastic accessories for the use of liquid nitrogen in the medical field. If you have not previously used a cryogenic system, starter packs for specific applications provide everything that you need in one package.

There have been great advances in science and technology in recent years, and the modern Brymill cryogenic systems are an excellent example of those improvements and advancements. When form meets function, and convenience and ease of use have been taken into consideration, what you get is a new and better method of doing something. It also tends to becomes far more economically feasible and advantageous.   

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