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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Riester stethoscopes are made of the highest quality materials and superior workmanship to assure outstanding performance. Their stethoscopes display considerable acoustic improvement over other stethoscopes. The primary cause of poor acoustical performance in most stethoscopes is acoustic coupling from the patient to the listener’s ears. To provide clear, audible sound for diagnostic purposes, the entire diaphragm of the stethoscope must be in contact with the patient’s skin. There can be no air leaking between the diaphragm and the user’s ears. In addition, earpieces that do not fit well can result in poor quality auditory performance with even the best stethoscopes.

The Riester stethoscope is designed with especially soft ear pieces that are comfortable and effectively seal the external auditory canal. They feature a metal screw thread that allows them to easily be removed and replaced. The chest pieces of the stethoscopes are CNC precision manufactured with a specially designed fiber reinforced membrane. The soft, flat membranes include a non-chill rim for better adaptation to the skin. All Riester stethoscopes are equipped with high quality tube systems that provide exceptional sound conductance and are latex free.

There are several types of stethoscopes available from Riester. The Riester Cardiophone stainless steel stethoscope includes a double-headed chest piece. The Riester Cardiophone is especially attuned for audio frequencies in the range of 200 Hz to 500 Hz. This is especially important during the auditory examination of the human heart. The Riester Cardiophone may be used for diagnostics of both adults and children.

The Riester Duplex-de-luxe stainless steel stethoscope also includes a double-headed chest piece. It features specialized membranes on both sides for improved adaptation to the skin’s surface. This stethoscope features a binaural with matte chromium plated finish and an integrated reinforced double spring. A durable Y-tube constructed of PVC shields against undesirable sound interference. The Riester Duplex-de-luxe may be used in diagnosing both children and adults.

The Riester Tristar stethoscope includes three different chest pieces in sizes specially designed for the diagnoses of adults, children and newborns. The stethoscope provides perfect auditory reception in all frequency ranges. The chest pieces are constructed of aluminum with a rapid exchange connector. Specialized membranes supply clear, quality acoustics. It also features a binaural with matte chromium plated finish and an integrated reinforced double spring and PVC Y-tube. Three bells, Ø 36 mm, 28 mm, 24 mm, are included.

Riester’s Duplex aluminum stethoscope includes a precision double chest piece and specialized membranes for superior acoustical performance. Its matte chromium plated binaural can be adjusted by turning the external spring. The PVC Y-tube shields extraneous noise. It includes a 0.36 mm bell.

Riester has many years of experience providing quality products. Their commitment to continuous improvement has led to the newest generation of highly innovative products. They provide stethoscopes uniquely designed for special applications. These high quality stethoscopes are available in a number of colors and styles. All stethoscopes from Riester include a set of replacement ear tips and membrane. Riester’s precision built stethoscopes are designed to provide highest quality available.   

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