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Thursday, September 26, 2013
The Branson 2200 Ultrasonic Cleaner has been replaced by the new 2800 series of Ultrasonic Cleaners. Like the 2200 series, this updated model is an environmental friendly cleaning device used in various applications. It is very efficient, effective safe and consistent especially when cleaning the very intricate parts and other hard substrates. As such, it's capable of cleaning various items within a very short time which is usually 10 minutes or less. More importantly is that the device cleans without destroying the item while at the same time ensuring that the results are of the highest quality. This type of cleaning is so thorough that it cannot be duplicated by steaming, soaking or hand scrubbing. As such, this Ultrasonic Cleaner can be incorporated within the healthcare, electronic, automotive, jewelry and even metal finishing industries among others.

This Ultra Cleaner is made with a compact and stainless steel tank and has both a digital timer and heater. It is highly durable for it's designed to use specially engineered ceramics of very superior power thereby able to provide very high quality levels of cleaning. Other additional features of the Ultrasonic Cleaner include a timer of 0-99 minutes and the capability of holding up to 2.8 liters, a temperature monitor, degas, power cord, a cover and an informative and easy to understand user manual. The approximate size of the tank is 9.5x5.5x4 inches and with the overall size being 13.5x12x11.5 inches.

To ensure that it's highly capable of meeting all of the specified capabilities, the Branson 2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner has high powered rugged transducers similar to the ones found in various electronic industrial systems such as the automotive. The rugged transducers are highly consistent so as to be fully able to meet both the laboratory and medical standards that are safe enough to clean medical equipment, precious jewelry and other delicate electronic parts among others. This is enhanced by the Ultrasonic Cleaner's new sweep capability that ensures that one's items are always perfectly cleaned regardless of the number of times the Ultrasonic Cleaner is used.

Basically, the Branson 2800 Ultrasonic Cleaner is able to reach even the very hard to reach areas of all items. This is made possible by the Ultrasonic's microscopic bubbles that have the capabilities of penetrating through hinges and screw threads among other areas and, cleaning them effectively within a short time hence leaving them looking as good as new.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner can as such be used in all kinds of applications both at home and in the industries. At home, one can use it to clean their jewelry whereas in industries such as in hospitals, it can be used to clean various equipment like medical instruments. As earlier mentioned, the key benefit of adopting the use of Ultrasonic Cleaners is that they are environmental friendly, hence help in reducing biodegradable waste and emissions hence creating a safer environment for all, especially the employees. In addition, the device is very fast, saving time and energy.

The Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner is manufactured to be used on a 130 W maximum power input. Though it's a bit costly, it's definitely makes a very smart long term investment. Furthermore, each of these devices is sold with a two years' manufacturer's warranty.   

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