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Saturday, October 12, 2013
Utilizing the appropriate Unico microscope is very important, as different microscopes are going to provide you with different features, from the magnification variants to the external hardware it can connect to. Knowing what sort of microscope is going to work best for you can often be the difference between purchasing the right device and one that just is not going to function in the way you need it. Due to this, knowing a little bit about the different microscopes is going to ensure that you can always have the right device on hand, regardless of what you do or what you need it for.

If you are looking for a basic laboratory microscope, you are going to generally opt for a device with a magnification of 4, 10 and 40. This is going to allow you to alter the magnification easily, and with the bulb located under the specimen area it is easy for you to see the objects you require. Of course, you might want to look through different illumination options, as there are ones that vary from tungsten to fluorescent. While the fluorescent light bulbs use up less energy and do last longer, you might receive a slight discoloration with these bulbs, such as an off yellow or orange, depending on the bulb.

Some of the base model Unico microscope offerings are only going to have one eye piece. The two piece function does upgrade the equipment and gives you not only an easier time looking at the specimen, but more depth of field as well. The next upgraded microscope, which is going to have a fourth variable for magnification, usually adds on a 100 times the size magnifier. With this sort of added size and power, it is going to be possible to see more information. On top of this, the light bulb is going to be different again, ranging from a halogen light, which is the same kind of bulb used in vehicle headlights, and a battery AC.

Now, if you want a high end microscope; most of these are not going to have the basic four times the magnification option. Instead, these powerful microscopes are designed to give you the ability to study objects that wouldn't even appear on the 4x. This equipment also comes with an optional digital camera. This way, you can easily take pictures of the subject matter, in case you require proof or assistance and a second opinion from an individual who is not able to be on site when measuring and monitoring the information.

When it comes to selecting the right microscope, you need to know what you are going to be using the equipment for and what you are going to be monitoring. If you just need a basic lab microscope, the single eye piece option might just be what you require. However, with a higher price tag you are able to obtain more power, better lighting and the ability to capture images of your specimen on the microscope tray.

by: getMedOnline


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