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Thursday, October 10, 2013
The Sharpertek Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is a professional jewelry cleaning kit that is able to effectively clean a variety of jewelry. Besides jewelry, there are other cosmetic items, cutlery and even automobile and home keys that may be professionally cleaned with the Sharpertek Ultrasonic kit. An array of design features give the unit the ability to effectively jewelry, cutlery or keys so they have a brilliant shine and are ready to wear, use or display.

As for the jewelry items this kit can clean, all of the common jewelry items including rings, earrings, wrist bracelets, various necklaces, wristwatch bands or straps and many other items of jewelry as well as fragile coins. The way the unit is designed allows for optical accessories like eyeglasses and sunglasses or even contact lens cases to be thoroughly cleaned.

The Sharpertek Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has an integrated wide-diameter transducer component which is able to successfully clean the various items. Inside the unit, there is a tray holder and also a watch holder to hold each watch band so it may be cleaned properly. There is also the option for customers to have an integrated silver cleaning plate in the unit; this silver cleaning plate is able to properly remove tarnish from various metals including: silver, copper, nickel, brass and other popular metals.

The unit is designed with an interior blue LED which illuminates the inside of the machine so people may observe the cleaning process of the items they’re cleaning. The tank of the Sharpertek is manufactured from stainless steel, can hold up to one pint of cleaning solution and weighs in at a meager 1.8 pounds; the unit is also space-saving, measuring in at 8 inches in length by 5.5 inches by 5 inches in height.

The Sharpertek jewelry cleaner is capable of producing up to 42,000 Hz of Ultrasonic frequency to thoroughly clean compatible items within the tank holder. More specifically, the ultrasonic frequency creates a microscopic de-cavitation effect which is able to completely remove particles from jewelry, cutlery, keys and other compatible items at the microscopic level.

There is a simple ON and OFF button located on the front-top of the unit and when in operation, the unit automatically runs on a 3-minute timer until automatically powering off. To prepare the unit for operation, the tank simply needs to be filled to the proper level with the proper jewelry cleaning solution; afterwards, jewelry, keys, cutlery or other small compatible items may be simply inserted into the unit and the ON button pressed for an automatic cleansing cycle.

by: getMedOnline


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