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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
If you are presently searching for a new model of autoclave, you are bound to be more than satisfied with the brand new Benchmark Scientific BioClave. This excellent new autoclave model offers quick and efficient sterilization of all of your important consumable items and research tools. These new autoclaves are fully compatible with most industrial and scientific research tools, and the units themselves are fully digital and optimized for original contemporary research.

Both Benchmark Scientific BioClave models are fully portable. The full sized BioClave model has a width of just under 18 inches, while the BioClave Mini has a width of just under 14 inches. As such, both of these new BioClave models are positioned to make an excellent addition to your laboratory table top. They can also quite quickly and easily be set up for research conducted in the field.

Regardless of which new BioClave model is chosen, both will feature large optimized digital displays. Operation on both models is fully automatic. Each separate cycle of the sterilization cycle is designed to begin operation with the simple touch of the "Start" button. The sterilization cycle itself has been fully automated to run through three succeeding modes: Fill, Sterilize, Exhaust and Dry.

If the researcher who purchases either or both BioClave models wishes to make use of a mini printer to record the results of the sterilization cycle, an optional printer is also available by request. It should be noted however that, at present, this optional mini printer is only available in conjunction with the full sized BioClave 16 model. If enough demand is shown to justify the inclusion of the new mini printer with other BioClave models, this may change.

As noted above, both of the latest BioClave models, the full sized and the mini, are equipped to run on a fully automatic process, commencing with a press of the "Start" button. Both models offer a sterilization process which is cost efficient, rapid, and 100% complete.

Likewise, as noted above, both models are completely compact, and specifically designed and engineered to offer portability, both in the research laboratory and in the field. And both BioClave models feature a built-in water tank. Neither model will thus require the purchase of an external water supply, such as a separate tank unit.

Both units come with a complete manufacturer's guarantee. These new BioClave units are backed with a full warranty, which runs for the standard length of one year. If, during that time, the user notices any issues or defects in the machine, whether endemic or systemic, he or she need only return the unit to the manufacturer for a full replacement or refund.

At present, it is believed that these new Benchmark Scientific BioClave models represent the state of the art in modern 21st century autoclave technology. It is hard to imagine a more efficient, durable, and reliable species of autoclave being offered on the market place. Both models will remain the standard in autoclave technology for some years to come.    

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