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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Headquartered in Berlin, Connecticut, Scilogex is a distributor that specializes in manufacturing cryogenics-related laboratory equipment. The Scilogex High Speed Personal Refrigerated Mini-Centrifuge w/24 Place Rotor has a motor that spins at 15000 RPM. Other features of this miniature cryogenics refrigerator are an LCD display screen that tracks all of the statistics that are important to scientists conducting experiments on frozen materials or unique suspended samples.

Unlike most cryogenics refrigerators, the Scilogex High Speed Personal Refrigerated Mini-Centrifuge w/24 Place Rotor operates very quietly, courtesy of its Brushless motor and self-lubricating rotors. And, because the motor is brushless, it does not require any maintenance or upkeep.

In terms of cooling, the Scilogex Mini-Centrifuge employs a dual rotor system that keeps the temperature of the refrigerator at a standard 4 degrees Celsius. However, the product is capable of cooling or freezing items at temperatures that range from -16 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. Like other Scilogex products, this personal cryogenics refrigerator comes with a 2 year warranty.

Mini-Centrifuge Details

The Scilogex High Speed Personal Refrigerated Mini-Centrifuge measures 13.3 inches in width, 22.8 inches in length, and 12.8 inches in height. Because of its compact size, this Scilogex product will fit on any laboratory table.

Compact size is a necessary component of all mini-centrifuges because they are used by biologists, chemists, and biochemists to conduct research and experiments in a laboratory setting. Generally speaking, microfuges are used to isolate or separate materials by spinning small samples of that material at extremely high speeds. The difference between larger centrifuges and mini-centrifuges is that the latter was designed for small sample sizes. As a consequence, these machines need to be easy carry from different locations in a laboratory.

The 15,000 RPM speed that this microcentrifuge maintains, fulfills most laboratory requirements. The device’s standard internal temperature of 4 degrees Celsius protects sample materials from the degradation and decomposition that would occur at a higher temperature.

The Scilogex High Speed Personal Refrigerated Mini-Centrifuge's product number is 92201513, while the manufacturer's product identification number is D3024R. The device weighs 66 pounds and features a 110 volt battery.

by: getMedOnline


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