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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Benchmark Scientific BenchMixer XL Multi Tube Vortex Mixer w/50x12mm Tube Rack is designed for scientists seeking the ability to mix liquids in cylinders or vials without having to use their hands. The most obvious benefit of a vortex mixer is that if you are using hazardous materials, you do not need to worry about spilling anything dangerous on your hands or arms. This Benchmark Vortex Mixer also allows scientists to mix liquids in tubes that are tilted horizontally.

What makes the BenchMixer truly unique is that the pulsing unit is constructed on a 7 inch by 12 inch platform. This platform contains a number of built-in tube racks that can hold a number of different tube sizes and BenchMixer accessories. If you are using customized laboratory tubes, the vortex mixer can be modified to fit atypical lab equipment, too.

Using the BenchMixer

To operate the Benchmark Scientific BenchMixer XL Multi Tube Vortex Mixer w/50x12mm Tube Rack, simply load the tube rack and set the knobs in place so that your tubes or cylinders are secure. Then, using the device’s digital keypad, select the speed at which you want the device to run, as well as how long you want the vortex mixer to mix. For long-term experiments, the mixer is capable of churning liquids for up to 100 straight hours. And, if you need to pulse liquids at a slow speed, the mixer’s lowest setting is 500 RPM.

In terms of capabilities, the Benchmark comes equipped with a pulsing feature that ensures that the liquids you are attempting to combine are properly mixed. Additionally, the XL Multi Tube uses a large, heavy duty motor to mix and blend liquids. This motor spins at up to 24,000 RPM. The BenchMixer’s product number is BV1010, and it uses between 100 and 240 volts of electricity.

About Benchmark Scientific

Headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, Benchmark Scientific is a manufacturing company responsible for some of the most popular laboratory equipment and accessories currently on the market. Besides the BenchMixer XL Multi Tube Vortex Mixer, the company also makes micro-centrifuges, vortex mixers, homogenizers, lab rollers, incubators for shaking, temperature control equipment, autoclaves, and sterilization products.

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