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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wallach Electrosurgical Generator
Known for their innovation and leadership in the field of medical technology, Wallach Surgical offers electrosurgical products designed to meet today’s most demanding therapeutic and diagnostic requirements for gynecology, infertility practice, and obstetrics, all while providing excellent precision at an affordable price without compromising safety. Wallach features the finest instruments for obstetrics and gynecology, electrosurgical generators with smoke evacuator, cryosurgical, colposcopes, and digital imaging systems.

Wallach electrosurgical systems make electrosurgery safer, convenient, affordable, and dependable than ever. Wallach’s modern microprocessor provides the latest in medical technology. The system accurately and constantly monitors power levels for drag-free and smoother cuts. Tissues with high resistance can be expunged without bending the electrode. With minimal thermal damage, it is easy to obtain a bigger histological sample for pathology. After the excision, the system’s coagulation mode provides a powerful fulguration spray to seal the bleeders without touching the tissue.

Wallach electrosurgical systems come with a Biovac Smoke Evacuator that efficiently removes aerial vapor that may contain potentially harmful viruses and microbes. It has a high-powered noiseless motor along with a one-piece disposable filter that breaks the particles down to 0.02 micron. These systems also come with a full range of disposable accessories for electrosurgery. It also comes with rolling wheels and adjustable handle that serves as a vehicle that holds the generator and the integration unit. Attached on the smoke evacuator’s handle and the generator is the Integration Unit that activates the evacuator.

Wallach surgical systems include isolate circuitry generator, hand switch and foot switch operations, audible safety alarm, continuity monitor, and one year warranty. Other types of monitoring systems use split grounding pad, hand switch operations, loop electrodes and more. Wallach’s surgical products also come in a wide variety including ultrasound dopplers, intrauterine insemination devices, vaginal speculums, and cervical dilators.

Featuring the Trulight LED lighting system, Wallach’s Colposcopes offers a cooler, whiter, and brighter light that eliminates the inconvenience of needing to change light bulbs in the middle of the process. It is also the first of its kind, and it comes with a 7 year service warranty. Another modern technology incorporated in Wallach’s digital camera is software for total recall digital imaging. It allows easy transfer of digital pictures into the EMR system. Its Obstetric Archiving Software creates simplicity and order to a busy obstetric practice. A paperless interface, the Sonicaid Team Fetal Monitor allows viewing, documenting, and archiving of data that come from fetal monitors.
Wallach’s surgical systems are not only economical, but also conveniently compatible with other products. It comes with a full range of leep coated instruments, hooks, biopsy punches, dilators, speculums, and curettes. Hence, Wallach’s line of products is ideal for various practices in the medical field.

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