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Friday, July 13, 2012
LW Urine Strips
Test strips are a key component of laboratory supplies, which are economical and easy to use, in order to test many fluids, such as water, blood, urine and alcohol levels. Hospitals, medical facilities and various types of businesses, order testing kits to help them identify impurities in fluids and to identify, with certainty, contents of each liquid being tested. Test strips are used to identify the amount of alcohol in saliva, to determine the amount of blood alcohol concentration which causes a person to be impaired. Law enforcement agencies, corporate offices and educational institutions and public businesses, use test strips as a vehicle to address alcoholism in public locations.

Online web sites and brick front businesses carry test strips as a part of their laboratory supplies, which are globally popular with contractors, realtors, water sanitation businesses to test water. These test strips are designed to test the levels of nitrate or arsenic in filtered water. They test the level of calcium hardness in water and high level gases, such as hydrogen sulfide levels. The advancement of testing strips renders them more sensitive to test various commercial and body fluids for the detection of medical and commercial contaminants.

The more popular type of test strips are those used by medical facilities, to identify blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. Glucose strips are also a key element of a diabetic's daily medical supply to read their blood sugar levels. With the partnership of a blood meter, strips for blood glucose testing are coated with a glucose oxide chemical for an instant reading. Blood teststrips vary in their use, just like blood meters are different, but with the same blood sugar result levels. Some glucose strips are designed with plastic and include a layer which is absorbent enough to hold the blood being tested. Other strips for blood testing, includes a specific section on the strip for a glucometer to identify potential illnesses in children, adults and even our pets.

Ordering high quality laboratory supplies is a safe transaction with medically trained customer service assistants who will help you with any questions you may have on the right glucose strips, urine strips or any other strips for blood testing, as well as other medical equipment and products. Identifying and finding the cure for many medical conditions can be detected with the use of urine strips. Each urine testing strip is color coded as an indicator of certain medical conditions, such as kidney disease, cancer, liver disease, diabetes and various infections.

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