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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Riester Veterinary Diagnostic Set
High-quality medical supplies are a must have for any clinic, even Veterinarian clinics. It is important to pay close attention to the details of each and every tool that is available in a veterinary diagnostic set. Most sets contain a variety of commonly used tools that make examinations faster, more efficient, and much more comfortable for the patient.

One tool that can be found in veterinary diagnostic sets is the otoscope. Otoscopes help to see inside of the ear canal, veterinarian otoscopes come with longer specula that is well-suited for the longer or deeper shape of animal ears. They are equipped with a light and slender in design, which make navigating the small spaces of the ear much easier. In addition to their shape, they are made with comfortable materials that will not harm or irritate the sensitive tissues inside of the ear.

In addition to the otoscope, there is also a scope that is designed for eye examinations. This is called a ophthalmoscope. This scope is used to examine the health of the eye including the pupil and iris. Often times, in veterinarydiagnostic sets, you will find one scope with many attachments. This is convenient because it eliminates the need for switching tools as an overall examination progresses. Instead, the fitting at the end of the scope can be swapped out for a sterile fitting that is better suited for the task at hand. This is particularly true with otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes.

Another common tool that is found in diagnostic sets is the fiber optic nasal speculum. This is another type of scope that is used to see deep into the nasal passages and is particularly useful for locating and diagnosing nasal injury or lodged foreign objects. The fiber optic nasal speculum needs to be especially well-crafted in order to ensure the comfort and safety of each patient. The nasal passages, especially further back, are incredibly sensitive - this means that the speculum needs to be smooth and rounded, as to eliminate danger of injury.

In addition to the above technical tools, most sets will also include tongue depressor holders. Tongue depressors are uses to immobilize the tongue for easier examination of the oral tissues. Tongue depressor holders serve as a comfortable grip or handle, so that the depressor is easier to use and make holding the tongue in place much less difficult.

Diagnostic sets in veterinary medicine are very much like those used in human medicine. In fact many of the scopes can be used for either field with little to no modifications. However, using a diagnostic set that is specifically designed for animals will result in a smoother examination with less need to negotiate around the physical differences between the human and animal body. Twelve channels are available here, and patient and lead cables are also present. EKG Plus II software can also be downloaded from the Bionet 2000.

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